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5 Areas Where Stainless Steel Fittings Are Utilized

Stainless steel has been in the discussion for a while now. Various industries and Stainless steel suppliers in Sydney have been using it since time immemorial. Even at homes, for many purposes, these fittings are used. If you look around, you’ll find it. But have you ever imagined why stainless steel fittings are so popularly used? Not everyone knows much about its benefits and usage until you regularly deal with them.

Here is a list of some interesting facts that might leave you awestruck:

1. Oil and Gas

It is a well-known fact that in the oil and gas industry, pipes and tubes are the prime players. Over time, the need for a corrosion-resistant piping system has taken the front seat. Super duplex and BSP stainless steel fittings get used majorly in oil and gas industries. It is sturdy, and it is recommended that stainless steel pipes should be used in the gas and oil industry to work well.

2. Nuclear Power 

Survivor of heat and high temperatures, stainless steel suppliers in Sydney suggest using stainless pipes in nuclear power. It not only ensures safety but sustenance too.

3. Kitchen areas 

Its benefits are too long to be discussed. The next one is it is safe from rust, which is why it is used in kitchen fittings and wares. It also has an antibacterial feature which makes it best for kitchen areas.

4. Water supply system 

With less maintenance and great strength, stainless steel pipe fittings are used for water supply. Great pressure potential is provided by such fittings that are important in the case of such areas. 

5. Chemical factories 

Harmful chemicals must not come in touch with anyone in the industries, because they might cause problems. These pipes can hold the chemicals due to the corrosion-resistant feature and prevent them from any leakages, ensuring the safety of the workers.  

6. Aircraft hydraulic lifts 

provides a low risk of leakage and ensures long-lasting property. Henceforth, these pipes are utilized in hydraulic lifts. It would never disappoint you by discharging into the oil. For its strength, BSP stainless fittings are highly preferred by stainless steel suppliers in Sydney over other pipes.

7. Manufacturing-based types– Welded ERW, EFW, Seamless

The production of stainless steel pipe fittings, from a plate or continuous coil, involves rolling the plate in circular sections with the help of a bending machine or roller in a continuous process. The large-size units use filler materials for such a process. Stainless steel pipe fittings by stainless steel suppliers in Sydney are cheaper, unlike seamless pipes which are more costly. Note, there are many welded methods such as

  • EFW– electric fusion welding
  • ERW– electric resistance welding
  •  HFW– high-frequency welding
  • SAW– submerged arc welding i.e.; spiral or long seam


Stainless steel pipe fitting structures by stainless steel suppliers in Sydney can usually withstand these elements and ensure that tough projects can go ahead that may otherwise seem impossible. So, don’t overlook its advantages because, who knows, stainless steel can work as a solid solution for you in your next project.