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5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Aluminium Sliding Door And Make It Shine Again

Have you ever had trouble getting your aluminium sliding door to look its best? It seems like every time you try to dust it, the dirt and dust just seem to accumulate again. If this is you, it’s time to start using some easy and effective ways to clean your door. In this article, we’ll share with you 5 easy ways to clean your aluminium sliding door and make it look brand new again. So don’t wait, get started right away and see the difference! From using vinegar and water to scrubbing with a soft cloth, these tips will make your doors look new in no time!

Clean with Vinegar and Water

If you want an easy and effective way to clean your aluminium sliding door, vinegar and water can be great options. Simply mix 1 cup of vinegar with enough water to cover the door’s surface. Once mixed, spray this solution onto the door’s surface, using a soft cloth to help absorb any dirt or dust. Let the solution sit for about 15 minutes before wiping away any residue.

Use a Soft Cloth Scrubbing Method

Another simple but effective method for cleaning your aluminium sliding door is using a soft cloth scrubbing method. Start by spraying a solution of water and dishwashing detergent onto the door’s surface. Then, using a soft cloth, scrub the mixture off the door. Make sure to use circular motions to avoid scratches or blemishes on your sliding door.

Use a Glass Cleaner

If your aluminium sliding door is stained from dirt or dust, you may want to consider using a glass cleaner for it to come clean easily. Simply spray some cleaner onto an old cloth and lightly wipe down the surface of your sliding door. Be sure not to scrub too hard, as this could potentially damage the door.

Use a Glass Cleaner and a Cotton Swab

If the glass cleaner isn’t providing the desired results, you can try using a cotton swab to clean any ingrained dirt or dust from your sliding door surface. Simply wet the cotton swab and dip it into liquid cleanser before wiping down the surface of your door. Be sure to use gentle strokes to avoid scratching or damaging your door!

Sprinkle some Baking Soda on Your Door Surface

Another way to clean an aluminium sliding door is by sprinkling some baking soda onto the surface and rubbing it in with your hand. This will attract dust and dirt, which you can easily wipe away with a cloth. Be careful not to over-scrub; too much scrubbing may damage the door’s finish.

Aluminium sliding doors can be cleaned in various ways, depending on the severity of the stain. If your door is just stained, you can try using a soft cloth scrubbing method or a glass cleaner. If the door is more heavily polluted, you may want to consider using baking soda and a cotton swab. This way, you’ll be able to get rid of all the dirt and dust without damaging the door’s finish.