6 Tips To Nail The Co-Star Audition

You have been a part of the diploma in acting course and now have the certificate under your name. This certificate proves that you are capable of taking up roles anytime and in any situation. Now, when you first enter the film sector, you have to play the role of co-star. Getting the leading role on your first shot is not entirely impossible, but in most cases, pretty rare.

So, getting a co-star role will be a great way to welcome your name in the film industry. Now, when it comes to auditioning, you will be in a tough competition. There are various other deserving candidates fighting for that one role! How will you nail the audition and get the role? Following these simple 6 steps might answer your question.

  1. Understand the scene’s function:

You will find multiple co-star roles in TV, featured films, and more. These are called functionary roles, and you will learn about that more from the acting training institute in Mumbai. A functionary role serves the function of narrating a story. 

  • The main goal of these roles is to move the plot and add to the reality of the environment
  • A co-star plays a major role in helping and hindering the main character and revealing something about either the main or the secondary character.

It is always important to know why your character exists in the film. Once you have come to a conclusion, you can easily prepare for the role.

  1. Your role needs to be believable:

Always remember that the role of a co-star is to further the story and add reality to the environment. It won’t work if the actor has no clue about the job. So, understanding the role and keeping your mindset in that scenario is very important. You have to work hard to make your role believable, and you will be trained how to do so in acting diploma courses in Mumbai.

  1. A point of view:

Once you are aware of your function in the story, it is time to address the “point of view.” It can be anything from personal history to any specified discovery or any form of mystery about your character in the scene.

  • The scene won’t be about you, but it is still vital to give the character a point of view.
  • It results in a more dynamic performance.

Moreover, presenting a point of view will help you to get out of your head and feel more grounded.

  1. Explore the relationship:

Explore your relationship with others in the scene if you want to nail the co-star audition. Do you know how to do it? There are some tricks involved, and the diploma in acting for film and TV course will teach you that. The way your character interacts with others in the scene will make a huge difference.

  1. Consider the surrounding environment:

While planning to bag the role of a co-star, you need to understand not just other people acting in the scene but the environment as well. Think about the place where the scene will be taking place and how your functionary character might feel in that situation. Sometimes, the situation makes it comfortable, and in other times, it can be just the opposite!

  1. Have a starting point, middle, and the end:

To complete your role as a co-star, your character should have a beginning, a middle part, and an end. You cannot leave your role abruptly in the middle, as that shows your unprofessionalism. So, keep track of your move and how you are exploring the character for that final finish.

Keep these points in mind, and in no time, you will nail the role of a co-star in a big upcoming film or series!