Australian Made Furniture

8 Tips For Choosing Australian Made Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, you want to ensure that you are investing in quality pieces from reliable sources. Australia has some of the best furniture manufacturers in the world, and buying Australian made furniture is a great way to ensure you get high-quality home products. Here are some  tips for choosing Australian made furniture: 

Check Labels: When shopping for new furniture, always check labels and look for items marked ‘Made in Australia’ or with an AUS certification mark. This indicates they have been manufactured locally using local materials and craftsmanship standards. 

Research Manufacturers: Do some research into different Australian manufacturers. So, you can find one whose values align with yours regarding sustainability practices, ethical production processes, etc. This will help ensure that any furniture purchased meets all required safety standards and is ethically produced by skilled craftsmen/women who take pride in their workmanship.  

Quality Materials:  Look out for pieces that use quality materials such as solid wood or steel frames rather than cheaper alternatives such as MDF boards which may only last for a while over time due to wear & tear caused by everyday use. Investing more upfront in higher-grade materials can be beneficial if cared for correctly over time! 

Find Local Stores: Seek out stores near your home that specialise exclusively in selling only locally sourced & handmade goods instead of mass-produced imports from overseas factories. This helps support small businesses within our community while ensuring we access unique designs that are explicitly crafted according to our needs/tastes!  

Ask Questions: Be bold and ask questions about what material is used in the construction process behind each item before purchasing them. Good retailers should be able to provide detailed answers regarding origin sourcing and methods employed during the manufacturing of Australian made furniture processes. So, customers know exactly where their money is going to support sustainable industry practices!

Look for Reputable Brands: When looking for quality furniture made in Australia. Look out for reputable brands which offer high-quality designs crafted by experienced artisans who use sustainable production methods. Brands often come with warranties, so if something goes wrong, there is recourse available should something go wrong! 

Think About Style & Functionality: You want something stylish yet functional when shopping for new furnishings, so research various designs online before committing yourself financially. Consider how each piece would fit within existing décor schemes at home. Plus, if enough space is available, desired items could be placed without erecting another area.

Consider Sustainable Practices: When buying from Australian-made furniture, consider what sustainability practices they have implemented within their business model, such as recycling programs for waste materials created during production processes, etc. This way, consumers get great value and peace of mind knowing their purchases help reduce environmental impact too! 

Opting for Australian-made furniture provides numerous benefits, including supporting our national economy, reducing the environmental impact associated with mass production overseas factories, and ensuring superior craftsmanship & design.