Bath Screens Sydney

Advantages Of Bath Screens And Bathroom Mixer Taps

Do you also shower like a kid? Are you so engrossed in your shower time that you don’t realise if you are splashing and spilling water everywhere? Then you need a bath screen to save your bathroom from water splashes. Bath screens in Sydney have become a very common add-on as it offers many benefits to the homeowner and saves the bathroom from being wet. This article will help you know more about bath screens so that when you visit a shop to buy a bath screen in Sydney, you know what you are looking for.

Different types of bath screens

1. Fixed Screen

This is the most commonly used bath screen in Sydney. It is totally fixed to the wall and on the bathtub or the tiled floor. You do not get to rotate or move this bath screen. The advantage of a fixed bath screen is that it is easy to install and clean, unlike shower curtains. It is also an ideal option if you have a large bathtub because it can cover it all.

2. Swing Screen

This screen is like a pivot door that can be opened and closed. As it allows you to compress it to one corner while opening or closing, you get more space to exit or enter the bathtub. If you have a large bathroom then this can be ideal for you as it requires more space to install a Swing bath screen. You can also use it as a divider between your bathing space and toilet space.

3. Sliding Screen

This type of bath screen in Sydney is used by a homeowner who wants complete silence while enjoying their shower time. This screen comes with sliding doors and you also require a rail on the ground as well as the ceiling for the doors to properly slide.

So, now that you have an idea of bath screens, let’s understand why it is important to have shower mixer taps in your bathroom.

A mixer tap mixes the hot and cold water for you before pouring out of the spout. This saves your effort of adjusting temperature and time too. There are many more benefits of using a shower mixer tap, which we’ve listed below.

Add style to your showering experience

Many people choose mixer taps over traditional taps because of the sleek and modernised look it has. You get to choose from a wide range of designs when it comes to shower mixer taps.  

The different types of shower taps are:

  1. The double-handle shower mixer
  2. The mechanical mixer
  3. The thermostatic mixing valve

Control the temperature as per your need

Shower mixer taps allow you to have total control on the temperature of the water. Showering becomes more relaxing and enjoyable when the water is not too hot or too cold. So, with mixer tap, you can set the temperature as it flows from the spout. This provides you with a perfect temperature of the water for showering.

Save water and water bill expenses too

Shower mixer taps have a flow limiter fitted in it which helps is eliminating water wastage. The water is taken from hot and cold water pipes in the required volume and this saves a lot of water. So when the water is being flowed from the tap, the quantity of hot water is used a little less, which is good for both your energy bills and the environment.