Car park stoppers

Advantages Of Installing Car Park Stoppers

Car park stoppers are made to keep cars, people, and parking structures safe. They are made from recycled, high-quality rubber. Compared to concrete options, rubber parking stops have many advantages. Here are the five best things about car park stoppers:

Friendly to the environment

The rubber used to make our parking stops comes from many different places. It has already been ground down to its raw form by the time it reaches us. Every month, we recycle an average of 1 million pounds of rubber, about the same as 45,500 passenger car tires. If you care about the environment like we do and want to show it, buying recycled rubber products like our parking stop is a great way to do so.


In an ideal world, all parking lots would be flat and smooth. We do not live in a perfect world, and bumps, cracks, and other damage can make surfaces uneven. The great thing about car park stoppers is that they are made of flexible rubber, so they can be shaped to fit any surface. You do not have to worry if you mount them on a surface that isn’t perfectly level. They will still do their job and look great while doing it. Even though car park stoppers are cheaper, they are stiff and cannot bend. This makes them harder to install and more likely to get damaged.

Aesthetically pleasing

If you choose car park stoppers, you can only add colour by painting them. Not only is this process time-consuming and messy, but you also have to worry about the paint fading and matching paint colours if you add more parking stops in the future. Car park stoppers are made of coloured rubber, so they will never lose their colour and always make your property look its best. You can get them in black, blue, and terracotta; the tape comes in white or yellow.

 Easy to Install

The biggest parking space is six feet long and only weighs 34 pounds. Unlike car park stoppers, which can cost hundreds of pounds, our products are easy to place and set up, even with just one person. This greatly cuts installation costs because no extra equipment is needed, and work crews can be much smaller and still get the job done. The parking stops are easy to move around, which makes them great for temporary uses. They can be set up quickly and taken down quickly when they are no longer needed.


Parking stops made of concrete tend to chip and crack. In addition, all car park stoppers are made with reflective tape built into the product. This keeps the reflective tape from peeling or falling off, which can happen with some products that are made to save money. 

One of the benefits of car park stoppers is that they can handle changes in temperature and weather better than their concrete counterparts can. Like with concrete roads, water can get into cracks and other flaws in the material, and when the temperature drops below freezing, the water expands and causes more damage. This will only happen if you choose a high-quality rubber solution that works well in any climate.