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Web Biz Business aims at providing its readers with some reliable and unique content. We promote high quality targeted content on our website. We do not publish any content which does not meet our criteria and guidelines. All the content available on the website are verified, original and informative. We do not encourage branding, promotion or advertising of a product, brand, or business. Our sole purpose is to create an online opportunity for the bussing writers and publishers to explore their creativity and post some relevant articles on our site. 


One of the important aspects of your article is the topic. The topic should be interesting,  relevant to the categories mention of our website, educational and clutter-breaking. Avoid common topics and cliché. The topic of your article should give some vital information to the readers. We do not accept any article that carries adult or explicit information. Any article that contains streaming videos, sales, paid assignments etc is not allowed on our website. 


The title of your content should be unique and must give readers a clear idea about the topic. Avoid generalizing your title. The maximum character limit for the tile is 100. The title should be bold. It is not allowed to have author name, product name, company name, HTML links or brand name in the content title. 

Word Limit

your article/blog should be of at least 400 words. The content should be written in simple English and should be easy to understand as well. You can even bold, italicized or underline some part of the content to highlight or emphasize a particular piece of information. It is not allowed to bold, italicized or underline full article. The language of the article should not be flattery, promotional, explicit or support spamming. 

Offensive Content

Any content which supports or promotes pornography, adult topics, alcohol, marijuana, ammunitions etc are not allowed on our website. We aim to provide useful and authentic information to our readers. Articles on topics such as hacking, retrieving passwords, cracking site illegally are also not accepted on our website.


Only that content is accepted that follows under the relevant categories that are already mentioned on our website. Any article/content that contains information that does not fit into these categories is likely to be rejected by our team of proofreaders and editors.

Edited content

We only accept those content which is free from any grammar errors and unique. Make sure to proofread your article before submitting to us. We do not allow plagiarized or spin-off articles. 


It is important to make sure that every piece of information given in your article is true to its best. The information should be as per the subject and not vague. The content should not be copied from anywhere. We only accept 100% unique content.

Follow links

The do-follow links that are allowed per article is one. You can hyperlink only once in your article for the desired do-follow.


The number of unique keywords allowed per article is two. Avoid having too many keywords in your content. Stuffing your content with too many keywords can make your article look shabby and a spammer too.

Contact information

The author cannot share any contact information such as telephone number, address, email id etc.  You can add an author signature if required. The word limit for the author signature is 200. The author signature must be pertinent to the content of the article/blog.

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So if you ready to Publish your Contents on our Guest Blogging Sites then Send us your Contents at, We will review and publish your contents live.

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