best detox tea to lose weight

Best Detox Tea To Lose Weight With Great Benefits

Tea is one of those rare beverages that is pretty much universally accepted by Science as a healthy one. But just remember as with everything in life you can have too many good things so don’t over with it’s the best detox tea to lose weight. The number one thing that makes Detixic tea so good for you, is that it’s loaded with helping nutrients. 

Steps to make a detox tea 

1. One-cup filter water

2. Add ½ tablespoon of Grated crushed Ginger. 

3. Add crushed cloves. 

4. ½  tablespoon fennel seeds. 

5. ½  tablespoon cinnamon. 

6. Stir will to make a mix. 

7. Bring it to a boil. 

8. Let it Simmer for a few minutes. 

9. Cover it and let it Infuse for 10:15 minutes. 

10. Strain the tea and have it warm. 

Benefits of Detox tea in weight loss

1. It has an ORAC ( oxygen radical absorbance capacity) 

2. It activates several enzymes. 

3. It helps in metabolising lipids. 

4. It helps in improving digestion. 

5. It helps with toxin clean up

6. It suppresses hunger

7. It encourages the production of melatonin. 

8. Control insulin level. 

9. Decrease blood sugar. 

Some Other benefits of Detox tea

1. Green tea may help prevent cancer

I know all of you have faucets at home whether it’s in your bathroom or in your kitchen. Some of those faucets have rust on them. The rust is a direct result of that few radical damage we also talk about. Now antioxidants prevent that rust from forming so think of antioxidants as rust prevention within our bodies. 

2. Great for your mouth

The nutrients within the Detox tea do a great job of inhibiting and killing certain types of bacteria, in fact, studies for done and proven that Bacteria known to cause bad breath within your mouth were killed by drinking Detox tea. Also when you have less of that specific bacteria you have less plaque. So Detox tea prevents the possibility of cavities. 

3. Great for focus

It does a great job of giving you stable energy without all the jitters. It has about 30 – 50 mg of caffeine. Which is half a cup of coffee you were still focused, you were still stimulated, but you don’t have that jittery feeling that you get with a big cup of coffee. Another nutrient with Detox tea which works together with caffeine to boost your brain function. 

4. Good for the heart

While we have seen in animal and lab models that it increases your good cholesterol and lowers your bad cholesterol. What we have found in animals lab and human trials is that detox tea lowers your blood pressure. 

5. Increase your lifespan

Detox tea may increase your lifespan. There has been a ton of research done on this. Some studies show that those who drink three to five cups of detox tea a day have an increased lifespan. 

Detoxes are a pretty popular way to get back on track but sometimes while trying to keep the bad stuff out we forget to research that we are putting on the surface a lot of things that appear to help and actually be quite harmful.