Blocked Sewer In Sydney May Wreak Havoc In Your Home

Blockages in your drain pipes can turn out to be a nightmare. It stops the waste to flow out of your property. Sewers are only meant to take waste water out from toilets, sinks, baths, and showers. It also takes out human waste and toilet tissue. Any other items should always be put in the bins. Blocked Sewer in Sydney may lead to drastic outcomes. 

How to find out if your sewer is blocked?

When you find it difficult to flush your toilets or notice a bad smell generating from your drains, or maybe your sink drains the water very slowly, there may be a blocked sewer line. In some cases, the wastewater may return from the toilet or sink, causing a flood in your bathroom or kitchen.  

Why blockages are caused?

Pipes in the kitchen get blocked by fat from food, leftover cooking oil, and foods that turn into solids inside the pipeline. Flushing wet wipes or sanitary napkins or tampons or used condoms into the toilet result in a blocked sewer drain. 

Bin it up:

Chemicals, solvents, and paints should be thrown into a recycling bin. This goes the same for Medicines, syringes, and needles, which need to be put into separate bins. Flushable products like wet wipes or tampons may contain plastics that do not break down. It is safe to put them in their designated bins. Old food should not be thrown away into the sinks. Technicians from the Blocked Sewer in Sydney clear out the blockages from homes across the region. 

Clearing a blockage with home remedies:

Before calling the plumber to find a solution, there are plenty of home remedies that you can try:

  1. Pouring boiling water into the drainage system may break down substances with a low melting point. 
  2. A cup of bicarbonate soda and vinegar along with the boiling water may sometimes do wonders. 
  3. Caustic cleaners have much stronger action than boiling water. They dissolve the fat and oils, to clear out the blockage.
  4. Plungers create a vacuum effect by forming a seal around the plug hole. They may help in dislodging the small number of blockages. 

When the above remedies don’t work for a blocked sewer drain, you need to call a professional and trained plumber. 

Fixing the problem:

Even a small blockage in the drain can come back up a pipe, causing a flood of wastewater. It’s very important to attend to the problem as early as possible. Trained plumbers carefully monitor a blocked sewer line and try to prevent the sewage from flooding our homes.

They use drain snakes which can get deeper down into your pipes and can remove the blockages. If that doesn’t work, they need to use CCTV cameras to investigate the severity of the clogs. Then they chalk out a plan to remove it. Hydro-jetting may also be performed for a deeper cleaning like removal of debris, or unwanted tree roots growth inside the sewage pipe.