Staircase builders Sydney

Build The Perfect Staircase In Your Home

Staircase plays an important role in its functioning as well as the looks of our home. Different types of staircases are present to choose from. Marble stairs, timber staircases etc always help in building the looks of our home. Staircases have different types which include:

  • Straight staircase
  • L shaped staircase
  • Winder staircase
  • U shaped staircase
  • Spiral staircase
  • Curved staircase
  • Ladder staircase
  • Bifurcated staircase

One can always get to choose from all the different ranges of staircases according to the choice and the space of your home. Big homes can have a spiral or a curved staircase and the smaller ones have the straight. 

Building the staircase looks like a simple job but there are so many small things that are to be kept in mind and to be looked at while having the staircase building done. The first thing to do is to choose from the best staircase builders in Sydney and then get your staircase done with them. 

There are different names for every single detail of the staircase which are not so known but important for the staircase, and the best staircase builder will help you with are:


The place on the staircase where the person puts his feet to walk upwards or go downwards is known as the tread. It can be of any thickness and width according to the needs of the client. Take help from your staircase builder if there is any confusion.

  • RISER:

The height of every single stair or the transition between the stairs is the riser. It can vary from inch to inch. The standard height of the riser is 19mm or 6 inches, but it could vary according to the client’s choice.


The place where you put your hand while on the staircase should always feel elegant. It can be customized and could be of any material from timber to glass.


The first thing in the staircase that you notice is the baluster. It is the starting point of the staircase from where the railing starts. Ask your staircase builder Sydney to help you with unique designs of balusters.


The width and the thickness of the stringer can vary according to the space and the needs. It makes the base of the staircase so it should not be of less thickness. It also depends on the material used for the stringer.


It is fashioned by matching the staircase or the hardwood for a complete staircase creation. There could be anti-slip nosing, slip-resistant nosing or step nosing.


Choose the best staircase builders in Sydney and keep in mind all the small detailing for the staircase as every little thing plays an utmost important part in making the best staircase in looks as well as the functionality. The staircase should be very much durable as well as versatile as it makes the looks of our home unique and mesmerizing as well.