Different Kinds Of Dental Clinics

In a place like Alexandria, you wouldn’t find a one-stop solution all the time when it comes to a dental solution. There will be different clinics that are meant for different purposes. The dentists in Alexandria Sydney have their own specialisation and most of them deal in just one or a couple of specialisations. Let’s look at the different kinds of dentists one by one:- 

  1. General Dentist :

A general dentist would do the basic things that are supposed to be done to your teeth. If you have got common teeth problems, a general dental clinic would always be handy in Alexandria. He would check your teeth nicely and provide the right care to it. The treatment, care and management of teeth would be a couple of things expertise by a general dentist. Root canal surgeries, crowns, bridges are some of the specialities of a general dentist. There are some common teeth problems that can be solved almost instantly when you go to a dental clinic. These problems are solved by a general dentist itself. 

  1. Orthodontist:

Also known as orthodontics, the job of an orthodontist is different from the general purpose. Some people tend to have malocclusions which can also be referred to as bad bites of the teeth. Generally, the alignment of teeth in such a case is all over the place. If you smile, it doesn’t look good at all. A problem like this generally leads to a reduction in self-confidence. With the help of bands, wires and other such equipment, an orthodontist makes sure that he is able to give the right care to your teeth. So in case you have an issue like a gap within your teeth or the alignment is poor, you should look to contact an orthodontist

  1. Periodontists:

There are various diseases that you might face in your gums. Most of the time, you wouldn’t even know about it until you reach the right dental clinic. Periodontists are supposed to help you find solutions regarding the soft tissues of the mouth. Some of the activities to be undertaken by a periodontist is root planing, bone grafting, crown lengthening etc. This is one area in dental clinics which is supposed to be hard to crack since it deals with the soft tissues of the mouth. 

  1. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon: 

These types of dental clinics in Alexandria have got the job to perform different operational procedures. The operational area can go as far as the face, mouth and jaw of a person. This type of dentist is generally supposed to work for those who have faced accidental injuries. The loss can be severe and in order to recoup it, surgery must be required. 

  1. Dental Hygienist: 

This type of dental clinic is supposed to provide cleaning services to the teeth. They hold the responsibility of preventing any kind of oral disease. The dental hygienist works great for children but is also very valuable for the grown people as well. 

These are some of the basic types of dentists. Other than this, you will find a pedodontist, prosthodontist, endodontist etc.