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Different Kinds Of Rigging Certificates

As you know yourself, rigging finds an essential job in an industry. It is the task where heavy loads are supposed to be moved from one place to another with the help of machinery. The scope of rigging activities is enormous in a construction site as it will be needed at all stages. The job is quite complex, so it becomes essential to do the riggers course beforehand. If you want to become a professional rigger, it is a must to take this course. There are several certificates that you can get after completing a rigging course. Let’s have a look at each one of them:- 

Qualification Certification:

It is the most basic certificate that you can get under rigging courses. The idea is that you need to have some basic knowledge before you do the rigging activities or take up another rigging course in the future. This is an entirely different field of study which you must never have encountered in the past. So before you take up a challenging course, you need to start from ground zero. Some of the things addressed will be regarding the vocabulary of the machinery, the duties to be performed, components of the equipment etc. 

Rigging Level One Certification: 

Under this rigging course, you will start learning a few techniques regarding the work you’re supposed to do. The rigging work to be studied under this type of certification will be pretty repetitive. It will include all the techniques supposed to be done regularly in the industry. There will be classroom learning involved in this certification, but the focus would be to make you knowledgeable practically. So practical training will be conducted very often here. 

Rigging Level Two Certification: 

We are going a level up with each certification and rigging course to be included in it. The same is the case here as well. If you take up these courses properly, you will have complete knowledge regarding rigging. In the level two certification, you hardly require any supervision. Now that you know all the basics about rigging, you have to analyse how to select components and determine capacity. This is a complex job to be addressed under this certification. 

Drill Rig Certification: 

Drill rigs can be described as heavy equipment to dig in the ground. It is essential since it will allow you to extract and deposit materials efficiently. You need to take up a different rigging course to get this certification in the first place. It takes a whole year to get a drill rig certification. 

Signal Person Certification: 

To assist a professional rigger in an industry, signal people must communicate movements and actions to him. You have to take a rigging course in that regard as well. The assistance becomes a must in most cases, and as long as the signal people aren’t good at their job, the professional rigger will face plenty of problems on his own. 

So these are the different types of certificates that you can get under various rigging courses. If you want to become an efficient, professional rigger, you have to get most of these certificates!