almonds in Australia

Different Types Of Almonds That You Can Buy In Australia

Almonds are one of the most trusted dry fruits all across the globe. It is said to be one of the most beneficial dry fruits that improve your health in various aspects. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that it is suitable for all age groups. No matter if you’re 6 or 60, almonds are going to have a great impact on your body, if you eat them at regular intervals. Most people consider it a great tool for brain development. However, people are not introduced to the different types of almonds in Australia. We will look at some of the most popular types here below: 

Butte Almonds 

These are also known as padre almonds. If we talk about their texture, they come into a light-coloured semi-hard shell with a flat texture. Butte almonds are generally small in size and have wrinkles inside. Because of their popularity, you will find this type of almond in a regular almonds store in Australia. The biggest difference between this type of almond and others is its size. Butte almonds are smaller in size when you compare them with other types of almonds. 

Nonpareil Almonds 

These are used on a large scale as well. Nonpareil almonds are also known as flat nuts that come in a lighter shade. They have a thin outer layer and flat elongated and thin shape. The quality of these almonds is considered to be smooth, one of the biggest reasons why it is a popular option in Australia. These are the sweetest almonds from the lot too, making the option favourite among kids. 

Peerless Almonds 

When these almonds become ripe, they take a light colour skin with a thin, hard, and long outer shell. When you talk about the almonds from the inside, the nuts have a dark brown shade with a wrinkled surface. They are quite the opposite of butte almonds. The butte almonds are small in size but peerless ones are long, flat and creamy. This one also has a sweet and nutty taste and you would always desire to eat plenty of almonds in one go. 

Sonora Almonds 

This type of almonds comes under the type of California badam. The outer shell of the nut is thin, dark, and rough in appearance. The texture of these almonds is very crunchy. They are generally long and narrow. One thing that makes this option different from the others is that it comes in larger sizes when compared with other varieties in Australia. 

Green Almonds 

They are the unripened form of almonds. As the name suggests, these almonds come in green colour. So they are quite distinctive in appearance when compared with other options. The texture is quite nutty all over such almonds. The seed is soft because it is in the early stage of the cycle. Since they come with more nutrients than ripened ones, fitness freaks will enjoy them. 

So these are some of the most popular types of almonds in Australia. You can purchase them from online as well as offline stores. You just need to be sure about which type you would like to purchase!