Glass Repair Lithgow

Differentiating Between Glass Repair In Lithgow And Window Replacement

There are two specific solutions, short-term and long-term, to choose from when it comes to fixing glass-related issues and energy efficiency. According to the report, Australian homes consume 24% of energy, due to several reasons, faulty windows being one of them. While glass repair in Lithgow is a short-term solution, window replacement is typically a long-term solution.

Depending on your needs, you should make the right choice. However, you will need to know the differences between these two solutions.  

An Overview Of Glass Repair In Lithgow

Typically, as a short-term solution, during the process of glass repair in Lithgow, a cracked or broken window pane will be removed and replaced with a new piece on the window frame. Ideally, this is a solution to choose if you only have cracked or broken glasses with little or no damage to the frame.  

The Major Differences

Here are some key differences between a simple glass repair in Lithgow and a complete window replacement. 

  • The Cost Factor: Repairing glass is much cheaper than replacing an entire window frame. Therefore, it will be unwise to replace your window if you do not see or experience any problem other than a cracked or broken glass pane.
  • The Warranty Factor: In terms of warranty, it is much longer for a complete window replacement than glass repair in Lithgow. 
  • The Solutions Offered: A complete window replacement is an option to go for if you want multiple solutions to issues with other facets of the windows, such as its balance, the locks, or the entire frame.

The Best Option

So, now you may ask what is the best option between glass repair in Lithgow and a complete window replacement. Well, it all depends on the scenario, your needs, and the budget.

However, here are a few basic things to consider to make the right choice.

Ideally, you must go for a repair if:

  • The other existing parts of the particular window are still usable and in good condition
  • There is only a piece of cracked glass and no significant damages
  • The putty securing the glass is dry, brittle, and worn out
  • The mullions are split or rotting
  • The sashes are stuck or immobile and 
  • A window casing is missing or damaged.

On the other hand, you should consider investing in a complete window replacement if:

  • You find mould or water damage on the wooden frames of the window
  • The window panes or the vinyl frames holding the glass are significantly damaged
  • The window seals are broken, worn, or cracked due to excessive wear and tear causing irreversible damage and
  • The caulking is peeled or cracked so significantly that it cannot keep draughts away even when the window is closed.

To put it in simple words, investing in a complete window replacement can be a prudent decision only when the inherent costs, ranging from $50 to $1,000 or more, of it, do not exceed the overall benefits it would offer in the long term. Otherwise, stick to a simple repair. 


Making a choice between a complete window replacement and a glass repair needs some knowledge about the factors that differentiate the two. With the information gained through this article, you can now make an informed decision and expect the best possible ROI.