Difficulties With Timber Flooring In Hills District And Their Solution

There is no doubt that a wooden floor gives your space a more attractive look. If you face any kind of hazard with your timber flooring in Hills District, you must contact the professionals.

Here are some factors that an authentic service provider can deal with:

Effects of weather on timber floors

When there is too cold or hot, your wooden floor becomes weak and stressed. The sudden changes in weather also mess with your timber wood floor.

Timber floor in summer

In the summer season, the air gets warmer and can absorb more water vapour. It increases the relative humidity level in the air. Therefore, your timber floor absorbs more moisture and swells and expands. This leads to unwanted slab lifting, warping, or cupping. 

If you have a good air-conditioned, it can balance the humidity inside your room. But it may not be possible to install air-conditioners in all the rooms or space in your house. Sometimes an air-conditioner also fails to fix the issue with your timber flooring hills district.

Hence, you should buy your floor materials from an experienced dealer. As they are familiar with the issue, they can assist you with a quick solution. They install the wooden slabs in a manner that does not create any problems contacting with humidity.

Timber floor in winter

During the period between June to August, the weather is generally cold in Australia. You can notice snowfalls in some places during the winter season. You and your family probably use a heater to keep your house warm.  

The heater warms the air and makes it dry. The hot and dry air inside your house absorbs the moisture also from the wood. The timber flooring hills district loses its humidity and planks shrink and may crack.  

The solution to weather-related issues

  • You should always check the humidity of your house using a humidity calculation tool. 
  • You can use a hygrometer that checks the temperature and moisture saturation and calculates the humidity of the particular space. 
  • When it is raining and the weather becomes wet, you can use a mat or carpet on the floor.
  • Appling coating on your floorboards protects the wood from the effects of weather. 
  • You can heat the coating container or add Polycure thinners to reduce the viscosity that is caused by the cold temperature. 

Quality of the wood 

The timber flooring hills district requires high-quality and sturdy timber woods. The good quality makes your floor strong and sustainable. The low-quality timbers get easily cracked and damaged. There is also a chance of pests and termite thriving. 

When you are purchasing timber slabs from an authentic company, it provides quality assurance. Contacting the right dealer you invest for a long period. 

Taking care of the floor

Adding protection or using a temperature measuring device is not enough to take care of your timber flooring hills district. You must maintain your floor with regular cleaning and dusting. The clean floor also offers you and your family members healthy living.