Digital marketing has made the world very close connecting to each and every place easily. It has hence become an integral part of our lives.

Digital marketing tips 2020

Digital marketing is a novel and significant concept in the 21st century. Over the years Digital marketing has emerged as the most powerful yet very convenient tool to develop businesses. The information about anything and everything is just a click away on the internet. Digital marketing has made the world very close connecting to each and every place easily. 

It has hence become an integral part of our lives. India is a large country with over 400 million internet users so if you’re thinking of taking your business to another level digital marketing is the most suitable option. 

Here are some new tips and tricks to kick start or to expand your business :

Social media Platforms 

Social media can be said as the heart of digital marketing. As with social media you can engage with large audiences. You can update keep your customers updated regarding your new product launch, discounts, events, etc by posting on your social media handles. You can come up with hashtag campaigns, quizzes, and polls, contests, and build a two-way communication between the brand and the customers.

Personalization of Website 

Personalization means personalizing your website according to the interest of the users.

For example platforms like Netflix, Amazon includes a “Related to items you have viewed” or “top picks for you” section as a way to create a more personal experience for the users.

UGC Marketing 

User generated content marketing plays a very important role in promoting your brand. Nowadays people prefer believing in the customer’s feedback and opinion rather than brand. So, when people create content for you, it acts as social proof for your brand. Customers write reviews, post pictures mentioning your brand, or by using your hashtags. Brands can collect these posts from their different social media platforms and create a single feed to embed it on their website or even on big TV screens at events. For aggregating posts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc brands can use social media aggregators like Taggbox. User-generated content keeps your website updated with fresh content, also you don’t have to come up with creating innovative content every time.

 Paid advertising 

Paid advertising is another way of engaging more audiences. When it comes to ads, consumers like it short, direct, and express your values in order for them to be choosing your business.

Personalize your marketing messages 

Personalizing your marketing messages not only means to use the name of the consumer but also digging deep into consumer interests. This creates trust and nurtures the relationship for a long duration of time which is essential for inbound marketing. Since not a lot of brands execute this idea this will help you get an edge over the other brands or businesses.

 Long-form content 

According to the statistics it is said that longer content attracts the most traffic as they offer the user an in-depth version and creates engagement with the user. Long-form content is great for SEO and it also increases conversation rates. So it is another useful tip to help grow your business.


A marketing specialist, Morgan Lathaen said that live-streaming was impactful in 2019 and will continue to grow and dominate in 2020. It takes a short amount of time to make and creates a larger target audience as it produces a greater impression than normal posts and also offers an authentic consumer engagement. 


The trick is to join or host a number of podcasts that have different devoted audiences in your area of business so the new audience with the same interests may get excited to try your products. And since the podcaster has a number of audiences with a certain amount of trust, the podcaster interviewing you may work as an endorsement for your product.

Guest blogging opportunities 

It is yet another way of expanding your reach by allowing other people to create content for your brand with the help of guest blogging. This idea helps both the parties to grow as for you, it will help you gain a totally different perspective which may turn out to be so much resourceful for your brand.

 Artificial intelligence 

As we know that artificial intelligence is dominating a lot of fields and it’s no surprise that it also is very effective in digital marketing. It’s the biggest commercial opportunity for companies and industries for the next few decades. AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns and use data from different social media to help businesses understand how customer find their services and products. It helps you take your brand to the next level.


If you have been exploring new websites you must have noticed that there is a chatbot on most of the sites which use instant messaging to chat in real-time irrespective of day or night, with your customers or site visitors.

 Visual search 

Using visual search people can upload an image and get specific results. This has taken the convenience of users to another level.

A) Pinterest lens 

Pinterest came out with a lens which is a visual search tool that allows users to click a photo of an item to fund out where to buy it online. 

B) Google lens 

Google lens is another visual search tool that scans and recognizes objects and landmarks through the camera app.

 Voice search and smart speakers 

According to the statistics, 50% of all searches will be via voice by 2020. This makes smart speakers very important and relevant which forces the companies to rethink their digital marketing strategies. Many brands have already included voice search in their strategies to deliver value-based content to their customers. For example, domino’s, PayPal, Nestle have adapted to this new growth strategy.

 Browser push notifications.

Push notification is on a rise with nearly 85%of online stores using them in 2019. Browser push notifications are something you will see more companies adopting in 2020. Allowing push notifications, the user will get all new updates of the products and the updates on the ongoing about the company.


This strategy allows real-time targeting based on the user’s location. For example, you set a target area within a mile of a theater so when a user enters or leaves this area they will automatically receive a push notification, text message, or some other form of notification.


So if you are still not digitally active or are missing on some digital marketing strategies then start the work now and make your brand’s presence in the digital world.