Height clearance signs

Height Clearance Signs – Maintenance Tips

Your business’s sign is its face. It should be proudly displayed to attract customers and tell them more about what you sell or do. It is no surprise that your sign is out in the elements, which can wear it down or damage it in a way that cannot be fixed. Therefore, taking care of your height clearance signs is important because they say a lot about your business from how they look.

Clean Your Signage Regularly

Height clearance signs should be cleaned at least once every three months or season. If you do not clean, dust is likely to build up, which will change the colour and look of your signs and make your place look dirty. There may also be water spots that leave marks and make it hard to read your signs.

Use Mild Soap and Water to Remove Spots on Your Sign

When your height clearance signs are dirty, sometimes a dry cloth is not enough to clean them. You can wipe down your signs with a damp cloth. If you use soap or detergent, make sure it is not too harsh and does not have any ammonia or solvents. It is also important to wipe or pat dry your sign since water can damage it or make it attract more dirt.

Wash Your Signs with Car Shampoo

If the height clearance sign is outside, wiping it with a cloth might not be enough to clean it through because of the weather and environment. If your sign is made of aluminium, acrylic, or fibreglass, you can wash it with car shampoo. A car shampoo adds a layer of wax to your sign to protect it even more and keep the paint in good shape.

Ensure Proper Use of Graffiti Remover

Before you use a graffiti remover, you might want to test it on the part of your height clearance signs that no one will see to ensure it is safe and works. Treatment should not be done in the sun. Use cold water to remove the graffiti remover. Graffiti removers can also be used to get rid of the soil, sand, and other types of dirt, but they should not be used on vinyl text.

Do Not Clean Signage With High-Pressure Cleaning Machines

A dry cloth, some water, and a small amount of mild soap are all you need to clean and maintain your signs regularly. Even though cleaning by hand is a pain, it gives you control over how clean each area needs to be.

If the tree and plant resins, bird or pollen droppings, or other things get stuck on your height clearance signs, you may want to clean them off as soon as you notice them prevent permanent marks or other damage. Leaving dirt on your signs for a long time may also make it harder to clean them later.

Choose the best materials and manufacturer for high-quality height clearance signs. No matter how well you take care of and maintain your signs, they will always wear off quickly if they are not made well. The paint could chip off too soon, or the colours could fade after only a short time.