Hexagonal Tiles For Bathroom – How To Select

Hexagonal Tiles for bathrooms have been in use for ages to replicate the pattern of beehives and honeycombs. These tiles are a constant reminder of the unique geometric shape of these naturally forming elements of nature. Hexagons are shapes formed by six lines, which fit in a unique way to form chains extending in all directions. Hexagonal tiles thus remind us of the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

Hexagonal tiles are nowadays available in thousands of patterns and sizes. This makes it easy to pick out a style according to your desire. These are extremely pleasing to the eyes and enhance the aesthetical feel of a bathroom. You can experiment with different patterns and textures to create a space that is uniquely yours. 

Selecting the perfect tiles for your bathroom

Hexagonal tiles for bathrooms are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, designs etc. Therefore, you need to pick the right one for your bathroom. This is easy when you take certain things into consideration.

  • Selecting the pattern and finish

While selecting tiles for your bathroom walls it is important to remember that you must stick with them for a length of time and cannot change it often. Thus, making a choice that you will love forever is really important. Putting some emphasis on what you like is an absolute must. There are numerous patterns to go for. Some of them are- natural patterns, accentuated patterns, 3D patterns, glossy patterns, patterns in black, glass-like patterns etc. The easiest way to make sure you get the right pattern is to match it to the rest of your bathroom décor.

  • Selecting the colour

When it comes to interior décor, colours play a very important role. While white glossy hexagonal tiles for the bathroom look classy and minimal, you can always choose something out of the ordinary. Selecting bold colours can make that bathroom pop. The best way to use bright coloured hexagonal tiles would be in a relatively smaller area. This adds a good contrast to the otherwise neutral bathroom, allowing you the option of that fun corner. Moreover, getting smaller hexagonal shapes in bright colours looks great.

  • Think out of the ordinary

A fun way to style up that bathroom space is by using the hexagonal tiles as flooring rather than on walls. This creates something different and also allows room for experimentation. Hexagonal tiles can easily be paired with numerous other tiles in the same colour family to create that beautiful intricate pattern that is otherwise quite difficult to find. Thus, you can experiment a lot when it comes to hexagonal tiles for the bathroom. You can also do a half and half, by using neutral hexagonal tiles only on one half and bold coloured tiles in other patterns on the other.

  • Taking style inspirations

When spoiled for choices, it is best to refer to magazines, social media platforms, applications like Pinterest etc. to get an idea of the different patterns and designs for a similar type of bathroom. This helps you from purchasing the wrong type of hexagonal tiles for the bathroom. You can always add your own touches and create a space that is eccentric and eye-pleasing.