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Household Products That Could Affect Fertility

When you get pregnant, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of. It is important for you to make sure that you remain healthy in order to keep your baby healthy as well. There are several household products that you need to be cautious of. There are certain chemicals that could negatively influence fertility if you’re exposed too often. To get proper information on taking precautions, you must visit some of the top IVF clinics in India that can help you with correct information and guidance.

Well, some of the basic products that you need to be aware of and cautious of regarding your fertility are stated below.

Detergents For Doing Laundry

You must know that detergents contain a chemical called phthalates that are included in them to make the fragrance last longer. You may find this chemical in the majority of laundry detergents. When you visit an advanced fertility centre in Mumbai, you will get to know these can disrupt the functioning of several hormones that cause ovulation. In males, this chemical can lead to reduced sperm production. Therefore, the use of more vegetable products is promoted to reduce the chemical presence in-home or anywhere near you.

Products Made Of Glass Or Any Cleaners

You must know that cleaners or glass materials usually contain solvents that can easily make their way through grease and much more easily through your skin. Hence, it holds the potential to affect your fertility levels and cause harm to your body when used in excess. It is advised that you use them as minimally as possible and always make sure that you wear gloves while handling them. If you are not sure about what products can actually harm you, you must take information from one of the best fertility clinics in Mumbai and get the right information for yourself.

Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid

For couples who are trying to conceive for a long time, one thing that they should keep in mind is that they should avoid coming in contact with any soap or liquid that contains a chemical called triclosan. This is because the antibacterial component present in triclosan leads to interfering with the endocrine functioning and also leads to a reduction in the sperm count. If you visit the IVF clinic and get in touch with the most experienced specialist, you will get to know what items should be used in day to day life. Try using the non-antibacterial items for yourself.

Use Of Paints

Getting in touch with the paints, the risk of letting your health be affected increases by several folds. The paints might not contain lead at this point in time but they do contain some amount of glycol ether that may affect your menstrual cycles. The males, on the other hand, may observe a decrease in their sperm quality. Therefore, the best fertility specialists in Mumbai always recommend you keep yourself at bay from materials equipped with chemical glycol ether. 


It is important that you ensure while buying certain items that they are free of harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is also necessary that you get connected with top IVF clinics in India and find the solution to your problems.