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How To Choose The Perfect Queen Bed Frame

A bed frame can be your bedroom decor’s focal point, adding potential storage space. It is designed to lift and support the mattress and box spring. 

Besides, it keeps the bed off the floor and contributes to comfort. It also ensures the longevity of the mattress. 

Some bed frames have an aesthetic design that complements bedroom decor. But it is necessary to choose the right mattress if you are concerned about your sleep quality.

This post will discuss the best tips to help you choose the perfect queen bed frame. These tips will help you choose the best frames to provide your bed with the proper support system.

Points to Consider While Buying a Queen Bed Frame

Consider the Mattress Size

If you love your mattress and want to upgrade it with a queen bed frame, you must consider the mattress size first. The bed frame must match the mattress size to ensure a proper fit.

Some mattress sizes come in a few variations. Therefore you must know the exact size of your size. Thus you can determine the right bed frame.

Usually, the average queen mattress size is 60” X 80”. So, you need to choose the bed frame according to this size.

Consider the Bedroom Size

If you are purchasing a brand new queen bed along with the mattress, then you can choose any size according to the size of your bedroom. You can choose the right queen bed frame by considering the bedroom size. 

Usually, it is recommended to keep 2 to 3 feet of space around the bed on every side and end. It gives you sufficient space to move freely in the room. 

You can measure the available space and compare the standard bed dimensions. While measuring, make sure to remember that the bed frame and headboard will add a few inches to the bed beyond the mattress size.

Consider the Support Type

Usually, mattresses need support under them. Without proper support, the mattress will sag or get damaged over time.

When you are buying a queen bed frame, make sure to consider the support type of the mattress. Usually, there are two support options- box springs and platform beds.

Platform beds provide built-in support for the mattress, and you don’t need a box spring with it. These beds usually sit lower to the ground in comparison with the traditional bed frame with box springs.

Consider the Materials

Metal and wood are the two main options used for bed frame materials. Both these materials are sturdy enough.

You can distinguish these two bed frames by their appearance. You need to choose the queen bed frame according to your room decor and preferences. 

The quality of the material is also a vital consideration. You can go with solid hardwood, which is a very sturdy material. To get a quality bed experience, make sure to check the hardware and joinery system. 

These are the basic considerations you must keep in mind while buying a frame for a queen bed. Besides all these points, also evaluate the legs of the bed. Choose bed frames that protect with covers or glides.