How To Choose Timber Flooring For Your Property

Nothing compares to the warmth and charm of timber flooring. Timber flooring, whether light or dark, has long been a favourite and sets the tone for the interior design of your home in the foyer, hallway, or living room.

Based on their particular purpose and price range, traditional timber flooring currently comes in a variety of possibilities. Among them, European oak timber flooring is a highly popular traditional wooden flooring. 

To assist you in selecting the type of timber flooring that will best suit your property, here is an insight on choosing the right flooring:  

Make a list of all your requirements. 

Mention all your requirements. For instance, most people favour peaceful, acoustic, or soundproof spaces that are warm and enduring, particularly when it comes to babies. So, specific timber flooring can be used after consulting with professionals to enjoy all these benefits. 

The European oak timber flooring is well-liked for its gentle, warm, and noble appearance, as well as for providing a comfortable feel. You can choose a parquet design if you want a geometric pattern, bamboo for increased strength and so on.

Dimensions of the flooring

When choosing an oak floorboard, you should always consider the board’s length and width before considering its colour. It’s really simple to fall in love with a floorboard after seeing a sample of one. 

The floorboard might have the exact oak colour you have been looking for, or it might have interesting natural grains. Imagine how this will fit across the entire floor. That is the important thing you need to consider. 

Fit your floor

Pick a style, colour scheme, and pattern that goes well with the furniture, draperies, and other decor in your room.  European oak timber flooring is a popular timber flooring that complements all decorations and styles. 

Lighter colours are better suited for casual or contemporary settings, while darker colours work better in traditional or formal settings. Products like cork, composites, and particle board can give a space a very contemporary feel.


When choosing a material for flooring, be sure to consider the maintenance schedule for the woods. Choose a product that is easy for you to care for. In order to maintain a wood floor, you often need to use wood floor cleaning supplies while also shielding the surface from moisture. 

The guarantee or warranty on the product could be of no value if the maintenance recommendations are not followed.

Grade of the oak

The European oak timber flooring is the highest grade to seek out for your flooring. The high density of this wood provides superior strength. Many flooring businesses will provide a range of grade levels. Each level refers to the appearance of the wood rather than its longevity or structural soundness. 

So, you should decide whether you would prefer a floor with fewer character markings overall or one with lots of knots, streaks, and diversity.

Final thoughts

Laying the same flooring on the stairs and matching the stair nosing will give your property a seamless appearance. Along with the above-mentioned points, make sure you do your extra research.