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How To Get The Best Bathroom Tiles Within Your Budget

When it comes to choosing a suitable bathroom floor tile, you get a lot of options. However, not every tile is meant for wet areas. Therefore, it is recommended to choose non-polished tiles from the tile shops in Sydney. These tiles are perfect for specific areas that are prone to splashing.

Get the Best Affordable Bathroom Tiles from Tile Shops Sydney 

There are a few tips that you must follow to choose the best tiles within your budget.

Look for Anti Skid Tiles

While choosing bathroom floor tiles, it is recommended to choose anti-skid floor tiles. Most bathroom floor tiles come with a high coefficient of friction. These tiles help to prevent people from slipping.

Go for Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are created from clay mixtures that are moulded into shape and fired in a kiln at high temperatures. If you want the best bathroom tiles from the tile shops in Sydney, you must go for ceramic tiles. 

These tiles are best suited for bathroom floors. Besides, ceramic tiles are available in various textures, shapes, designs, and patterns. So, you will get a lot of choices of bathroom floor tiles. 

Choose Mix and Match Tiles

You can choose artisan tiles as an affordable bathroom tile option, you can choose artisan tiles, as these are cooler and more interesting. Popular artisan tile companies have well-known designers who create unique, gorgeous, and inventive tiles. 

However, you must remember that beauty and pedigree come at a cost. To avoid these excess costs, you can choose mix-and-match tiles from tile shops in Sydney. To save costs, you can use the super expensive artisan tiles for borders, bullnoses, and medallions.

Look for Samples to Avoid Returns

Usually, online retailers ensure an easy return policy. Still, returning tiles are quite different for online and offline retailers as these products are prone to breakage.

Within 30 days, tile companies usually accept returns of unopened boxes. But are you ready to pay and ship 300 pounds of tile? If you are not, then make sure to look for samples before you make the final purchase.

However, there are a few tile shops in Sydney that ship returns for free. But, online tile retailers offer tile samples. So, you must look for the tile samples first to avoid the return charges.

 Many tile manufacturers offer samples, and a few offer free no-catch samples. You can consult with reputed tile companies to get tile samples. Thus, you can save the excess cost of tile returns. 

Be Mindful While Buying Tiles

You must be mindful while buying tiles if you don’t want to get fooled by the enticing online tile prices. This rule applies when you purchase tiles from tile shops in Sydney.

Many customers consider shipping and handling tiles as an afterthought. But these are the two factors which retailers get profits from. However, only online retailers, not fleece customers.

If you are serious enough about saving money on your tile, create a simple spreadsheet and list the best retailers. Also, mention the tile price, extras, shipping, and handling. Thus, you will get a clear estimate of how much that online tile costs and choose the most affordable tile for your bathroom.