Blocked Sewer Sydney

How To Keep Your Drain From Being Clogged

A blocked sewer can be very annoying. Standing water or sewage or food waste coming up through the pipes can be dirty, but it can also be a huge hassle. Many things can cause blocked drains, but the most common is putting things down the sink or toilet that you should not. Therefore, with that in mind, here is a list of things that you should throw away and not flush down the toilet. Here are some of the common objects that cause blocked sewers in Sydney.


The most common problem in showers and sinks is hair. The more hair that falls out when someone washes their hair, the longer their hair is. It does not take long for women or men with long hair to clog up the pipes. To stop this from happening, get a guard or a trap that can catch the hair before it goes down the drain.

Fats and Oils:

I have been to many blocked sewers, only to find that fat had built up in a u-bend. Oil and fat are heavier than water, so you can flush them down the toilet or wash them down the sink, but they can gather and get stuck as soon as they hit a bend in the pipe. Over time, it then hardens and clogs, which can be very expensive. If you need to get rid of fat or oil, the best thing to do is put it in a container that can be sealed and thrown away.


Wipes are another common thing that gets stuck in drains. They do not seem like a big deal, but when they get stuck together, they can cause big problems. Please put them in the trash instead of flushing them down the toilet if you use wipes.

Food waste:

Most likely, food waste is the main reason why drains get clogged. When you are done eating, there is usually something left on your plate, and it is easy to think you can flush it down the sink. However, the leftover food stays in your pipes and builds up, leading to serious and smelly blocked. You could get a waste disposal unit for your sink that chops up leftover food into small pieces before washing it away or throws any leftover food waste in the trash.

As a society, we use many things that make our lives easier, and we are used to getting things quickly and getting rid of them quickly. However, if you do not give your drainage system a second thought, you could end up with a clog that can be expensive to fix.

All of the things on this list are obvious, and if you are reading this, you would probably agree that if you flush any of these things down your drain, you are likely to cause a blocked sewer in Sydney.

However, the next time you are in a hurry, you might be tempted to skip some of these in the hopes that it will not be a big deal.