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How to Pick the Best Etsy Store Name

There are entire businesses whose only offering is aiding business owners in choosing the perfect name for their organization.

It’s challenging to name a company not just because there are so many options. The fact that so much can depend on a name — 77% of consumers base their purchases on the brand name — makes it difficult.

However, you wouldn’t be the first if coming up with a catchy Etsy store name idea had you off your game. A great name may significantly impact your company. 

Here are the following points in mind when choosing the ideal name for your Etsy store.

Pick a name that accurately describes your products.

What kinds of items do you manufacture and market? Consider including terms like “Crochet,” “Yarn,” or “Wool” in the name of your Etsy business if you crochet scarves. Consider using phrases like “Candle” or “Wax” if you make and sell candles.

Combining the words that describe your business store name generator can give you multiple good company names that perfectly suit your business and its products.

Choose a memorable name.

Make a name for your business that will stick in your client’s thoughts. This will make it simple for them to remember it after viewing your marketing materials or internet advertisements and visiting your website.

Choose a catchy name from the store name generator that people will remember. This keeps your company in customers’ minds for a more extended period and may even result in some word-of-mouth advertising as clients recommend the business they recently did business with to their friends and relatives.

Choose a unique name.

Find a name for your Etsy store that nobody else has thought of. This ensures that customers distinguish your company name from another and guarantees that the domain names for your website and social media accounts are still available.

Pick a name that is simple to speak.

Make it easy for people to say your company name; doing so would limit the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. Make sure your Etsy store name is straightforward to pronounce instead.

Make it stand out.

It’s crucial to pick a unique Etsy shop name, and you can use an Etsy name generator. For starters, Etsy prohibits copycat terms unless they have been slightly tweaked to be considered original.

Try coming up with an abstract name that doesn’t have to mean anything. It might be entirely arbitrary.

You could use a fictitious name or an abstract word that has nothing to do with your merchandise, your name, or the atmosphere of your store. From a novelty standpoint, abstract expressions rock and even help with SEO. Contrarily, abstract characters need more common sense, making it more difficult for customers to understand what you do.

Make it SEO-friendly

Whether you choose an abstract name or include your company’s main objective, SEO should be a breeze if you stick to the prior best practices for naming your Etsy shop. The ultimate aim is for your company to appear as the top search result for your brand name and your products and services.

It’s important to avoid keyword stuffing. Here’s where you try to cram keywords into your company name. Doing so could lead to your domain getting blocklisted. Your company name’s originality will suffer if you fill it with keywords.

To succeed in e-commerce, use these suggestions to create the greatest possible Etsy shop name. With the help of Namify’s name generator, you can quickly create a memorable, original online brand.