Know-How To Patch A Rodent Entry Point

Everyone knows that rodents like rats and mice will make their way into your home through cracks and holes in the ground or at the side of the wall. The only way to keep them from entering your sanctuary is by patching the rodent entry point. Yes, the steps are a bit tough, and you can’t do it on your own if you have no clue. That’s when you need Rodent Control Melbourne companies to help. 

The experts associated with pest control firms have years of experience and have patched multiple such entry points earlier. So, doing the same to safeguard your house from rats and mice won’t be a tough call for them.

Winter is a prime time:

Winter is the main season when you will see an overgrowing number of rodents inside your house. IT is because of the jittery cold weather outside that these rodents want to take shelter in warm places. And what better place than inside your house! So, with the winter season approaching, it is better to give the exterminator a call and seal those pathways beforehand. 

Once you have the routes all covered for good, rodents won’t find a way to enter your place. Without them running around, you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There won’t be anyone to lick and infect your food. No one will bite your toes in the sleep! And most importantly, you can safeguard the health of your family members as well.

The steps to follow:

Once you are sure of the importance of patching cracks from Pest Control Melbourne experts, now it is time to follow the right steps to come to the final conclusion. The steps mentioned below will help you to make the right choice.

Inspect the indoors first:

Whether the rodents are well hidden in their spots or not, they will definitely come out in the limelight when it is time to grab some food. Mice can easily fit bodies through holes, which are as small as a nickel. 

  • So, take time to inspect those spots in order to find open spots. 
  • Some of the areas to look into are baseboards, kitchen cabinets, air vent areas, behind or around appliances and more.

Move outdoor now:

Unless the house already was mice-infested, these rodents will find their way inside your house only after you have moved in. Want to know how they get inside? Follow the steps mentioned below for that:

  • They focus on the gaps around the foundation, gas lines, pipes or electrical wiring.
  • They will also look to enter your home through airways and vents, via attic or roof or even under the worn-out weather strips.

Start the sealing process and make repairs:

After you have discovered the gaps and holes, it is time to close those entry points. The Pest Control Near Me will help you out big time with that. 

  • The smaller holes will be stuffed with steel wool for that chew-proof and abrasive barrier.
  • Seal the larger gaps or holes adequately with caulking, and repair them with concrete or patch them with metal sheeting or screens.
  • You can replace the worn-out weatherstripping with new ones around your windows and doors.
  • As water can be a scarce resource outdoor, mice might be drawn inside drips, leaking pipes or standing water. So, clear the ground of these issues by repairing pipes and cracked foundations. 

Never try to seal the gaps on your own because you might not even have the right tools for that. Ask the professionals to help you with that, and they are more than ready to serve you well.