Porcelain Shower Tile For Best Features

Porcelain shower tiles are one of the most durable of all tiles and can brighten up your space. Porcelain tile prices are affordable and suitable for all kinds of pockets. Porcelain floor tile designs are varied and available in a variety of patterns and styles, both glazed and unglazed. These tiles are mainly the ideal choice for any space.

The water absorption rate of porcelain tiles is only .5 percent. In a wet area like a shower, water exposure is one of the main factors that you must consider when choosing your materials. Porcelain tiles are the best choice for this reason. Porcelain utensils are extremely durable.

Best Porcelain Tile 

There are two basic types of porcelain tiles, that are glazed porcelain tiles and through-bodied porcelain tiles. Through bodied porcelain tiles are hard and densely based. They are made up of sand, clay, and other natural minerals that make them hard inside and out. Since they are less porous and slippery, they are also a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom floors and other places where water leaks. 

On the other hand, Glossy porcelain tiles, meanwhile, are rigid and waterproof tiles that are popular because of their glossy and stain-resilient surface. Glossy tiles are mainly made of porcelain, with a glaze coating applied to the surface.

Benefits of porcelain shower tile

There are several benefits to choosing porcelain shower tiles when creating or redesigning your shower.

  • Water-resistant

One of the key elements that separate porcelain tiles is their ability to hold water away. Porcelain utensils are made of clay, sand, and other natural materials and are fired in an oven at extremely high temperatures. It is thicker and less porous than its cousin, ceramic tile. The water absorption rate of porcelain tiles is only .5 percent. 

  • Durable

Porcelain utensils are extremely durable. It removes a dense material and water, which in turn helps to keep the tile in extensive shape. It is resistant to heavy impacts and other stresses. Porcelain utensils are so durable that they are often used in commercial places with high foot traffic.

  • Many different styles  

In the market nowadays, you can find porcelain tiles that look like many other materials, such as hardwood, marble, slate, or granite. You will have plenty of colour options, as well as the ability to choose a glossy or glazed tile. Porcelain tiles are available in a variety of shapes, patterns, and sizes, helping to create the look you want regardless of the size of your bathroom shower.

Any wet tile can be slippery, so when evaluating porcelain tile, look for tiles certified as “slip-resistant”. You can also look for textured tiles, which will provide a little more resistance to slip. Porcelain tile should be installed by someone experienced. Porcelain tile will cost more than ceramic tile. So, I think you are remodelling your bathroom or shower and considering using porcelain shower tile.