blocked Sewer Sydney

Signs That The Sewer Is Blocked

A blocked Sewer can be a major issue that could constitute both a plumbing emergency and a possible health risk. Wastewater may have no choice but to back up into your fixtures or up through floor drains if there is no way to get it to the septic field or main sewage system. You shouldn’t use any of the plumbing in your house if a sewer line drain is clogged until it is unclogged.

Here are some indicators that a blockage in the main sewer drain line may be present:

  • Several fixtures are obstructed

When multiple plumbing fixtures back up at once, there is clearly a blocked Sewer in Sydney. Any other low-lying fixture, such as a shower or bathtub on the main level of your home, can also be affected. Toilets are frequently the first fixture to have issues. Start by inspecting the toilet before moving on to other fixtures if you think your sewage drain is clogged.

Unusual Reactions to Fixtures

Starting at the ground floor of the house, check out for strange noises or unusual behaviour at the following fittings. Because blocked Sewer begins at the obstruction and progresses uphill, the lowest drains and fixtures are typically the first to back up when the main sewage drains become stopped anywhere between the house and the street.

  • Toilets: Of all the fixtures, toilets use the largest drain pipes and have the closest access to the main drain, therefore these are frequently the first to experience blocked Sewer issues. When water is flowing down a sink, tub, or washing machine drain, you can notice that a toilet doesn’t flush completely or that it gurgles. This is a blatant indicator of the main drain issue.
  • Shower and tub drain: Shower and tub drains are additional drains that are frequently impacted by blocked Sewers. They do so because they are situated lower than sink drains. Verify whether the shower and tub drains are clogged. When there is a major backup, showers and bathtubs may also overflow with waste.
  • Run the sink: Trapped air in the plumbing system is another odd reaction to watch out for. You might hear the toilet gurgling or see the water level in the toilet rise if you run water in a sink, particularly one that is adjacent to the toilet.
  • Washing Machine: Running the washing machine may reveal an unanticipated indicator of a blocked Sewer. It’s a good indication that the sewer drain is clogged if the water draining from the washing machine causes the toilet to overflow or back up into the tub or shower. 


Don’t flush the toilet or run the water! You can’t make the issue worse if you don’t add more water to your drainage system. You can take further safety measures by turning off the house’s main water supply to prevent accidental water usage. Call a plumber or drain specialist to have the drain cleared, then instruct everyone in the house to refrain from using water. These experts have specialised tools, such as motorised augers, to swiftly and successfully clear substantial obstructions in the major blocked Sewer in Sydney.