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Signs Your Body Is Trying To Tell You That You Have PCOD

While the origins of PCOD are unknown, genetics is thought to have a role, potentially in conjunction with other health and lifestyle risk factors. There are several symptoms associated with the illness, and you may not experience all of them. It is very uncommon for women to take months, if not years, to realize they have PCOD problems.

Heavy Periods

PCOD may cause major changes in the menstrual cycle, such as excessive bleeding and irregular periods.


PCOD is one of the most prevalent reasons for women’s infertility. For women who wish to have a baby now or in the future, this may be the most difficult element of the condition. PCOS may disrupt ovulation, resulting in irregular or nonexistent periods and difficulty conceiving.

If you have been trying to conceive for a long time and have not been successful, you may be seeking a reason. If you are not getting your periods or only getting them occasionally, and you have other suspected PCOS symptoms, it is worth seeking PCOD treatment in Mumbai about it.

Excessive Facial and Body Hair

Many persons with PCOD acquire coarse, black hairs on their faces and body areas where males traditionally have body hair and women have vellus hair due to elevated androgen levels. Hirsutism is the medical term for this disorder. While hirsutism is a symptom of PCOD, it may also be caused by various other illnesses.

Mood Swings

PCOD has been linked to mood fluctuations, anxiety, and sadness. It is thought that aberrant brain chemistry and disturbance of the brain-gut axis are to blame. Female hormones may produce mood swings, particularly at specific points throughout the menstrual cycle, and it can be difficult to distinguish them from PCOD mood fluctuations.

Acne or Oily Skin

Because testosterone, the predominant male hormone, causes acne, excessive levels linked with PCOD might result in breakouts that you thought you had left behind with adolescence. PCOD may cause oily skin and acne owing to hormonal fluctuations. 

Problems Sleeping Or Feeling Tired All The Time

You may have problems sleeping. It’s also possible that you have sleep apnea.. This implies that you do not wake up feeling refreshed even when you sleep.

Untreated Irregular Periods Increases the Risk of Uterus Cancer

Women with PCOD have irregular periods, which may lead to infertility. There is a risk of uterine cancer if irregular periods are not treated.


PCOD women produce a lot of insulin and the male hormone androgen, which causes them to gain weight. As a result, women with PCOD have an apple-shaped abdomen rather than a pear-shaped abdomen.

When to See a Doctor

It is important to see your doctor when you experience the above symptoms. To rule out other health issues and determine whether you have PCOD, you might take medicines or make lifestyle changes. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will get a solution for the PCOD problem.

PCOD is a common condition among reproductive-age women. There are no specific reasons. If you have irregular periods, abundant face, and body hair, you should seek PCOD treatment in Mumbai as soon as possible. Changing one’s lifestyle, eating habits, and stress management are therapeutic methods available to assist women in overcoming PCOD.