limestone floor tiles

The Floor Tiles For All Ages – Limestone Floor Tiles

Used in architecture for centuries, limestone floor tiles still continues to hold sway. There are some constructions that date back to the early 1900s across the world that have limestone tiles, still intact, and still robust, despite the withering impact of time. 

Their hard-wearing make-up is what enables them to withstand even the most extreme of wear and tear causes, without in any way affecting their natural beauty.

They also provide an array of choices in terms of natural colours that can enliven the charm and warmth of any space of any setting, traditional or modern or rustic. 

That is why they are recommended for homes and commercial settings as they offer an ideal flooring choice for any interior or exterior area. They can also be installed outdoors and can seamlessly link the home and garden space.

Why consider limestone floor tiles?

Limestone floor tiles are:

  • Incredibly versatile. They not only inject a natural earthy element bathed in warmth into any setting, home or office and any space, from the bathroom to entryway but can also beautifully complement any kind of décor theme, with their timeless classic softened tones. Add to this, they come in a range of sizes, patterns, finishes, and colours, which will give you the option of having them in an option of your choice.
  • Highly resistant to dirt, moisture, bacteria, and mould, like all types of natural stones. This makes them a perfect choice for areas that demand extreme cleanliness like kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Extremely robust and sturdy with the capability to last long. Limestone’s mineral composition is what makes the floor tiles so durable and strong. When they are bonded and sealed properly, then do not give any scope for any kind of stains to form or moisture to penetrate them. This means you will have no cause to worry even if there are heavy people and item traffic over them daily or an accidental spill caused by the clumsy dropping of water or any liquid or scar marks left behind by a heavy item rolled on them. There will be at the most, minimal damage which can be set right with proper repairs. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, thanks to the fact that they are naturally beautiful. Their availability in an array of varied patterns, styles, and colours, means you can also have them in an option of your choice that also beautifully blends with the limestone’s natural beauty. It is also possible to have them in any look, from the traditional to the rustic, modern, and contemporary.  
  • Easy to maintain, with very low maintenance needed to keep them in good shape. All that needs to be done is to sweep them daily and periodically, clean them using a wet mop with a good quality stone-safe cleaner product.

An ideal choice for any environment, limestone floor tiles are also hypoallergenic making them friendly even to people, with respiratory issues, or allergic to dust. They are also temperature-friendly, that can adapt to any kind of temperature, hot or cold, and still maintain themselves in good shape and still make walking on them stress-free.

Selecting the best limestone floor tiles:

Limestone floor tiles should be chosen carefully, after a lot of thought. You need to factor in the nature and size of your room or area where you are looking to have them installed.

You also need to buy them from an efficient source who can offer them in various hues, with diverse finishes, making it easy for you to pick the right choice for any space, from the kitchen to living area, bathroom, etc.