Things to know when hiring a property conveyancer Sydney

In today’s hectic world, buying or selling a property can be stressful at times and conveyancing is the only key factor of any sale. Where property conveyancing is a very difficult task and a layman cannot tackle it alone. While engaging in various property transactions, it is important to hire a qualified and professional conveyancer who is backed by a great firm of lawyers.

The property conveyancing in Sydney will assist you in selling and purchasing a property in a legal way. You can hire a conveyancing solicitor in Sydney, Australia to get rid of the legal problem.

Are they on your mortgage lender’s panel?

When hiring a solicitor makes sure that they are on your mortgage lenders approved panel of solicitors otherwise you may need to face unnecessary complications or even refusal to lend.

Ensure that your appointed solicitor for your mortgage is on the panel of the bank or building society. If not ask them to register with that lender to avoid legal problems.


A great way to evaluate a solicitor is to check the previous recommendations of the clients and the outstanding reviews can take through the process that you are likely to be in safe hands. And also ask you, friends and family, when have been through the house buying process. 

Check their credentials:

Before hiring the solicitor ask them about the years of experience and what qualifications they hold. To handle your conveyancing, good legal practice will always be able to demonstrate their capability. Experienced property conveyancing Sydney is far better equipped to handle your conveyancing.

Local knowledge could play a role:

When you hire a conveyancer in a different location because they offer attractive rates, this may also have repercussions. Hire a local conveyancer, it is an added advantage because they specialize in that location.

A local conveyancer knows very well about the local developments and news that could potentially impact your property purchase. So hire the right property conveyancing Sydney that could significantly speed up the completion process.

Fee structure:

When hiring a conveyancer make sure about their fee structure, whether they charge a fixed fee or if they charge a percentage of the property value. The fees may vary depending on the location and reputation.

When purchasing your property, make sure that the conveyancers in estate agents will charge a percentage of your property that could drive up fees when compared to traditional fixed fee conveyancers. 


If you are a first-time buyer, the property buying process can be convoluted and confusing. So you should seek out the conveyancer, who communicates with you as the process unfolds.

An experienced conveyancer holds your hand every step of the way. They communicate in such a way and assist you in selling and purchasing property without legal issues.

Wrapping it up:

Considering these things to hire a right conveyancing solicitor it could be the single most important thing you do along the house buying journey.

They clearly explain everything to you, without over-complicating the situation.  A communicative, informed conveyancer is well equipped to handle matters with speed and efficiency.