height clearance signs

Things You Should Know About Height Clearance Signs

The Height Clearance Signs are a common road sign that may appear on your driver’s license written test. And you’re sure to encounter these kinds of signs as you gain more driving experience. Learn what this sign means and what to do if you see a maximum clearance when you’re on the road.

What do the Height clearance signs mean?

A height clearance sign means you are approaching an area with a maximum height clearance indicated by the number of feet and inches on the sign.

What should you do if you see a height clearance sign while driving?

You are sure to encounter a height clearance sign while driving. When you see a height clearance sign, you must proceed only if your vehicle is shorter than the height listed on the sign.

Being able to recognize road signs and react accordingly when you’re driving is an important part of being a safe driver, sharing the road, and respecting the right-of-way rules.

What does a height clearance sign look like?

The colour of a height clearance sign is yellow with black lettering and design. The maximum clearance symbol size is a diamond.

As you gain more experience behind the wheel, you can use the colour and shape of the maximum clearance mark to identify its meaning from further away before you can read it.

Where are some common places where you will see height clearance signs on the road?

Some of the locations where you will find the most clearance marks are:

  • near the bridge
  • Near the tunnel.
  • At the entrance to the parking garage.

As you gain more driving experience you will be able to better predict what signs you will see when driving on certain roads in certain areas. It can help you be a safer driver by predicting and adjusting to potential hazards and driving conditions before problems occur.

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