Decking Vaucluse

Tips For Beautiful And Healthy Decking In Vaucluse

Do you wish to have a sophisticated Decking in Vaucluse at your place? This article can help you by providing some ideas to design and maintain your deck.

 Ideas for outdoor decking:

1. Wall garden 

Do you worry that decorating with plants can lead to dirt and moulds on your deck? So, you can set vertical deck walls to place your pretty pots. It can add brightness and colours to your outdoor decoration. 

You can grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs in a small place. It offers a healthy environment.

2. Pool deck

Adding a deck around your pool area not only provides safety but also offers an aesthetic appeal. It absorbs heat and makes the place non-slippery around your pool area. 

You can add umbrellas, and poolside chairs to create a luxurious feeling. Your family and guests can enjoy a relaxing and playful time. 

3. Food court deck

What can be better than having lunch or dinner in nature, under the sky? Adding Decking Vaucluse can make your yard a perfect place for having a meal. 

You can add an elegant touch by decorating the area with small lighting in the festive seasons. It will surely amaze your friends and guests.   

4. Deck Pergola

Pergola is a structure with shade for walking or sitting in the garden or outdoor areas. Adding a pergola as sun protection can add additional fancy to that particular place. It saves your people from harmful UV rays. 

5. Mould on deck 

Extreme rainfall causes moisture and dampness inside your house. It causes mould that can damage your Decking Vaucluse. 

Mould grows in a damp, humid area and spreads all over the area so fast. When the rain pours, it makes everywhere moist and creates a perfect breeding ground for moulds. 

Types of mould on a deck:

The moulds usually grow on all types of Decking Vaucluse. There are two types of mould that you can find on your deck.  

1. Black mould

It is the most common type of mould that looks horrible. Black mould can also appear in dark green and other colours. It is hardly removable and can cause serious health issues. 

2. White mould

This type of mould mostly grows in damp woods. If you find any white spots and blotches on your deck, it may signify the presence of white mould. 

Ways to get rid of moulds

  • You can take a pressure washer and gently flow it over your deck. Be careful with the tip while using it as a narrow tip can harm your decking. 
  • Use two tablespoons of tea tree oil with water and spray the solution over your Decking Vaucluse. Leave it for 20 minutes and wipe it with a wet sponge. 
  • Mix one-fourth teaspoon of clove oil and baby oil and apply this solution over the mould surface.
  • You can also use vinegar as it is effective to kill surface mould. 


Decking your house always makes it stand out from others. There can be several ways to remove moulds but it is very important to take precautions and maintain the decking materials. You can also seek experts’ help as they can assist you in cleaning your decking.