Tips For Choosing The Right Wood For Stair Treads

Stair treads are affordable and simple. They add warmth and enhance the look of the house. Treads used must complement the staircase. The treads must be lacquered and stained to match the color of the staircase and the surrounding area. Some of the wood species used for making the treads are oak, teak, beech, maple, walnut, and cherry. 

Some of the less expensive painted treads are poplar and painted pine. If you are buying treads for the carpeted stairs then you can use pine tread with carpet grade. The durability of the pine is less when compared with the hardwood stair treads because of its soft nature. If you are buying costly treads made up of hardwood then it can be used for many years so that you need not replace the treads frequently. 

Stair treads are very easy to install. Carpet stair treads can be installed without the help of a service person. Outdoor and indoor stair treads improve the safety level. By including stair treads the cleaning process is made easy. Less cost stairway covering will also protect the timber staircase from scuff, scratches, and nicks. It will also give a new look for the living space. 

The important factor you must consider while buying the stair tread is the material used for making the stair tread. Select the stair tread made up of the best material to satisfy all your requirements. The stair tread material must hold a maximum level of foot traffic. 

Some of the common material used for making the stair treads are listed below:

  • Wool stair treads: If you are buying stair treads for medium foot traffic area then the best choice is the wool stair treads. You can prefer this stair tread type if you like to have a soft underfoot area. 
  • Polypropylene stair treads: This stair tread type is also known as olefin. It is best suited for high traffic areas. They are also resistant to stain. It can be used both for indoor staircase and outdoor staircase. 
  • Sisal stair treads: Sisal stair treads are made from natural fiber plant. It can be used for many years since they are strong and durable. It can also be used for high traffic areas. Sisal stair treads provide a natural look. But the sisal stair treads are hard when compared with the wool stair treads and polypropylene stair treads. 
  • Seagrass stair treads: They are durable and also resistant to stains. If you are buying stair tread for a busy home then the best option is seagrass stair treads. It needs very less maintenance when compared with the other stair tread type. 
  • Nylon stair tread: This stair tread type is easy to clean and they are also resistant to stains. It can be used in a high traffic area because of its strength. 
  • Hardwood stair tread: Hardwood stair treads are available in different sizes and styles. Before selecting the stair treads decide whether you need bullnose type stair treads or standard type. If you are purchasing stair treads for outdoor staircase then buy UV stabilized stair treads.