aluminium curtain rod

Tips To Select The Right Aluminium Curtain Rod For Your Use

Whether you are here to redesign the living room or just looking to add up style to the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, choosing the right aluminium curtain rod and some of the complementary window treatments are subject to make a huge impact. Before you proceed further and purchase the best curtain rods, understanding the tips is important.

In case you are planning to purchase a rod for curtains, be sure to select the pieces that make a bold statement while complementing the unique style of the home. In case you play the role of a designer and looking for a high-end drapery style, then looking for the aluminium version of curtain rod is a good additional point.

In this article, you will come to learn about certain tips to help select the best curtain rod for your use. It ensures that the window treatments remain fashion-forward and dependable at the same time.

The right size of the curtain rod:

Before you decide on the aluminium curtain rod, it is important to measure the area for the right size. It depends on the window treatments you are looking for and the type of curtain you want. Some examples are heavier fabric drapes, stand-alone valance or sheer curtains.

  • Once you have chosen the aluminium base, it is important to choose the right curtain rod diameter. 
  • All these rods are measured by their diameter, meaning the width of the cross-section of the pole.
  • Some of the common diameters are between 1 to 3 inches, and it depends on the weight of your chosen curtains.

The length of the curtains:

You have to select the length of the curtains before moving on with the aluminium curtain rod of your choice. Some of the reputed centres will present you with telescopic and fixed-width rods, which will help you to choose the exact one based on your project.

  • Some projects need expandable poles and others need fixed-width curtain rods. Based on your need, make sure to change the purchase.
  • You need bigger rods for windows, which are longer than the standard 2 to 8 feet. Sometimes, the rods can be customized to match the exact length of the window.

Always staying on trend:

Make sure to always stay on-trend by selecting the aluminium curtain rod for your daily use. The chosen curtain rod’s length needs to be several inches beyond the exact window measurement on each side. It helps you to get extra space to hang the curtains. Choosing a longer rod will provide you with the appearance of a grander window. It will allow the full amount of natural light to let inside the room when the curtains are open.

Choosing the best centre for help:

It is true that you are about to spend quite some money on the aluminium curtain rod. So, you need the best rods for your use. Be sure to check with the experienced professionals. They are more than ready to help you with the right selection process, and won’t even charge you much for the same.