A Twitter feed is a feed of content that has been aggregated from Twitter using hashtags or profiles or timelines, etc. that you can embed on your website as a Twitter widget.

Tools To Embed Twitter Feed On Website

Social media integration with the website has always been a primary objective for the brands and businesses as it opens the doors to maximum possibilities for traffic, engagement, and conversions. Earlier the social media integration was limited to displaying the social share buttons but now that has changed immensely with different tools and technologies allowing a more interactive, engaging, and diverse experience. Here we have listed some tools to help you integrate Twitter feed on your website that will make your website more engaging and improve its performance. But let’s first understand what is a Twitter feed?

What Is Twitter Feed?

A Twitter feed is a feed of content that has been aggregated from Twitter using hashtags or profiles or timelines, etc. that you can embed on your website as a Twitter widget. Twitter as a social media platform is highly popular and engaging as it is a hub of ever-changing creative content is short snippets along with simple and interactive content elements. There are around 350 million active users globally with the presence of most of the brands and businesses along with users. The platform’s content is hugely opinionated and powerful especially when it is shared by users and industry influencers. Embedding such content on the website can help you increase your website engagement, build social proof, improve dwell time, and enable chances of conversions. 

Tools To Embed Twitter Feed On Website

Now that you know the benefits of Twitter feed on the website so here we have listed the best tools to create and embed Twitter feed on the website. 

1. Taggbox Twitter Widget

Taggbox is the best and free to use tool that allows you to collect and curate content from your Twitter account using the hashtag, profile, or other options into a feed and embed it on your website. The tool is highly customizable with different theme options, layouts, designs, etc. Along with that it is content moderation to monitor the content quality. The additional features and functionalities include real-time automatic content updates, built-in analytics for performance measurement, UGC rights management, responsive design, custom posts, API access, banners, announcements, etc. It is an easy to use tool with a simple user interface that instantly grabs user attention and keep them engaged to the content. You can integrate the feed with website CMS like HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc. 

2. is a popular social media aggregator tool that allows you to aggregate content from your Twitter account easily and creates an engaging and beautiful Twitter feed for your website. The tool has an advanced filtering option to manage what content to show and which content to hide or remove from your Twitter feed. Besides, the tool lest you an easy option to quickly embed the Twitter feed on the website. It also has an active customer support and a responsive design along with access to custom API. Besides, there are various plans and pricing to choose from with different features. 

3. is also a social media aggregator tool like that lets you create and embed Twitter feed to your website. The highlight of this tool is its easy feed creation and installation process. It is a tool that lets you customize your feed to make it more creative and interactive with different theme options and other design elements. You can also curate content from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. 

Besides, it gives you features and functionalities like analytics and reporting for your Twitter feed or full access to develop custom API or hashtag tracking options or quick updates up to 5 minutes for the feed and more.  The tool also provides active customer support to help you with any issues or problems that might arise with embedding Twitter feed on the website. 

4. Flockler

Flockler is another social media aggregator tool that lets you curate and embed tweets to your website as a Twitter feed that helps to increase the dwell time and conversion rate. Besides Twitter, it also has the option to embed social media feeds from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can create hashtags campaigns and embed it on your website. There are different options to customize your Twitter feed with designs and layout. Also, you can choose what content you want to show and what content you want to hide from website visitors. Besides, there are different pricing options to choose from based on your requirements. 

5. Twinesocial

Twinesocial also falls into the category of social media aggregators that lets you curate and display content from Twitter to your website using hashtags and your profile. 

The tool has the option to curate content from over 15 social media platforms and creates engaging and interactive social media feeds with different customizations and personalization options. It also lets you add CTA buttons to your Twitter feed, choose your feed theme, moderate the content quality with filtering, etc. The tools are highly responsive with secure and reliable design with over 99% uptime. It also provides extensive customer support and there are different plans with different features at your disposal.  


Twitter presents a lot of growth opportunities for businesses to grow their presence, interact with customers, and embed it on the website to channelize these benefits to your website. These are some of the best tools to create, customize, and embed Twitter feed into your website. Along with that, there are many more features and functionalities to help you bring diversity and creativity. So, choose the best tool for creating and embedding your Twitter feed based on your requirements, budgets, and comparisons to improve your website engagement and overall performance.