select right sized caravan annexe walls

Top 5 Features To Help Select Caravan Annexe Wall Type

Caravans are needs for today’s campers. They are expensive. Few people invest money in caravans of big size. Small caravans with outdoor accessories are a better choice.

  • Quality caravan annexe walls are best awing for caravans.
  • They are easy to attach outdoors.
  • They are available as roll-out options.

If you need to extend the reach of your caravan, then you need annexe walls. They are splash-out types and easy to attach to any caravan.

To help you make the right selection, below mentioned points are important. You can select quality annexe walls for any caravan. 

1. Material quality

One main feature is to focus on material quality. You will find annexe walls made up of vinyl, cloth or other fabric material. They are shade walls that you can attach outdoors.

Vinyl material is best if you travel during the rainy season. They are waterproof and weather proof. For years, vinyl material may not lose its natural texture.

You need to select right sized caravan annexe walls that fit your needs.

2. Wall type

In general, annexe walls should fit best. The fabric material should match your caravan outdoors. Always select wall type that traps heat and water.

You can select caravan annexe walls that are a combination of two different materials. Vinyl and cloth combination are best. They are easy to clean and dust.

Select material that is washable type. This will guarantee the canvas material has a long life span. They are durable and tough.

3. Weight factor

You will hang annexe walls outdoors. Selecting a lightweight material is never a good option. The fabric should withstand heavy wind. If the material is lightweight it may not withstand heavy winds.

It is natural that the caravan annexe walls should offer the right level of protection. If not, then try and go for the second option. It should also offer protection against sunlight and heat.

4. Layout options

Not all annexe walls are the same. Best annexe walls should cover windows and doors of the caravan. It should always offer top level protection outdoors.

This accessory will help create extra space outdoors for you to relax. You can buy caravan annexe walls made up of flared layout material. These types will offer extra floor space outdoors.

Try to select one that has zip openings as it is easy to attach. Velcro type material is not much durable. These types may not withstand wind and rainwater.

Assembling Velcro type is also never easy. It requires a lot of technical knowledge.

5. Support system

The next most important feature is the support system. Select outdoor annexe walls that use a pole type support system. If you want to attach it to the walls, then you can opt for clip type.

De-flapper kits are available in the market. Small fabric material, use these types of kits for outdoor attachment. It takes a few minutes to attach the annexe wall to the caravan.

Apart from these factors you also need to consider the ventilation part. The annexe walls should offer with the best ventilation around the caravan.