So, why do you choose a battery-powered chainsaw over a gas or corded model? There are some major reasons why these unorthodox tools are becoming more popular.

Top Reasons for Investing In Battery-Powered Chainsaw

So, why do you choose a battery-powered chainsaw over a gas or corded model? There are some major reasons why these unorthodox tools are becoming more popular. New noise ordinances, in particular, drive Pros to incorporate new battery-powered blowers, pole battery hedge trimmer, and mowers into their workflow. Another reason is that battery-powered outdoor power tools are often cheaper, cleaner, and quieter to use than comparable 2-cycle or petroleum products. We’ll go over the reasons in depth so you can make an educated decision.

Aside from the noise, there are apparent health hazards when handling petrochemicals, breathing toxic exhaust fumes, and being exposed to noisy engine noise for an extended period. This is especially true for those who use tools all day, five days a week. While there are clean-running corded tool options, dragging a power cord around significantly limits how you move while working?

Why Use A Battery Powered Chainsaw?

Small engines are notoriously finicky and often necessitate extensive and costly maintenance over time. This is especially true if you make the widespread error of leaving fuel in them over the winter. Transporting, blending, and storing fuel is dangerous for the average consumer. It also takes more time and energy than simply inserting a battery into a tool. While winterising your equipment will help, 2-cycle engines have more components that wear out over time.

Safer Cutting When Up High

One of the most neglected benefits of using a battery-powered chainsaw over a two-cycle chainsaw is what happens when you’re in a tree or a lift. To interact with your man on the ground, you must usually turn off the chainsaw. That also means you’ll have to pull-start it again while at a height, which isn’t ideal, but it’s often necessary. When you let go of the trigger on a battery-powered chainsaw, 100% of the noise output stops. Do you want to give your guy on the ground instructions? 

What about the High Upfront Cost?

Tools that use fuel have a longer runtime and may be required for long work days unless you have enough batteries to cycle. And that can be a costly investment. If a pole battery hedge trimmer appears to be more expensive than petrol, a dealer I talked with put it in context. According to him, you should calculate that you are paying for all of your fuel expenses upfront. You’re now still saving money on your annual tune-ups. You should generally expect years of operation from a battery-powered chainsaw before performing major maintenance or replacing the batteries.

Gateway Tools

 Suppliers hope that customers will purchase more than one of their products. After you have purchased a charger and batteries, purchasing bare tools will result in substantial savings over the 2-cycle competition. It’s easy to see the value initially with pole battery hedge trimmer and then expanding to include a chainsaw blower and other tools that can share the same battery packs.

It all boils down to less noise and more comfort. We also can’t deny the fact that there will be less maintenance and no exposure to petrochemicals. While you will pay more upfront, you will save money in the long run. Eliminating petrol, gasoline, and potential repair and maintenance costs soon add up. In the gas world, there are more powerful chainsaws with heavier bars, but cordless is maturing.