Useful Maintenance Tips For Concrete Footpath And Driveway

Concrete footpath or driveway requires very little maintenance when compared with other driveway types. Concrete driveways are very expensive. Once you invest money it can be used for many years. You must protect the concrete footpath from the time of installation. The water must not stay on the concrete surface for a long time so plan to drain the gutters. To prevent the formation of cracks and pushing up concrete surface remove all the tree roots and bushes before installing the concrete driveways. In this blog let us discuss some useful tips for maintaining a concrete footpath.

Maintenance tips:

By following the below maintenance tips you can increase the life of the concrete footpath. Schedule regular maintenance:

  • The damaged area must be patched:

If you find any broken area or cracked area in the concrete footpath then do patchwork as soon as possible because the water will make the area worse. To prevent further damage fill the hole and crack using concrete patching material. Before doing the patchwork clean the damaged area. For removing debris and dirt you can use a power washer. After cleaning fill it with the patch material and allow it to dry. Once it is dry apply a concrete sealant as a top coating because cracks formed on the expanding joints will create big problems. Use silicone caulk to prevent water penetration. 

  • Remove the snows carefully:

Most people use chemicals or salt for deicing the snow in the winter season. But this product will damage the concrete driveways also. When you use this product for deicing the ice melts and after some time, it freezes this may lead to the formation of spalling and scaling. New concrete will damage quickly. So you must avoid chemical product usage at least for the first winter. For removing the sand you can use cat litter or sand. It will not harm the concrete surface. Try to use a snowblower or plastic shovel for removing the snows. To avoid scraping do not push down the snowblower. Do not use sharp tools. 

  • Park safely:

Concrete is very strong but sometimes they can break so do not put overstress on the concrete driveway especially in the weak area. Do not park the car on the edges of the concrete driveway. Do the same for large size vehicles and heavy equipment. 

  • Keep the concrete footpath clean:

Concrete footpath can absorb grease, gas and oil and also it forms permanent stain on the surface. So clean the concrete driveways immediately to prevent stains. If it is hard to remove the stain then you can use cat litter or sawdust. Leave the area free for one day or till it absorbs the grease and oil. After that clean the surface using pressure washing. You can also use bio detergent and grease-cutting agents for cleaning the stains. 

  • To prevent cracks seal the concrete driveways:

Cracks can be prevented by using sealants. Use high- quality sealants. Dry look seals are more expensive when compared with the wet look sealants. Dry look seals are long-lasting and wet look seals prevent oil and grease stains.