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Want To Know Different Types Of Plastering?

Plastering is a task that cannot be done on your own. You will have to hire a Plastering Contractors In Sydney to make sure that plastering is done to perfection. Now you will find all kinds of contractors in Sydney offering all types of services. But you have to root for the plastering services that suit your needs in the best manner. 

Here are different types of plastering services to be provided by a plastering contractor in Sydney: 

1. Lime Based: 

The most common type of plastering service is the one that is lime-based. This kind of service has lime as well as sand in it. If we talk about the mixture, it is in the ratio 1:3 in terms of sand and lime based on the volume. The good thing about this mixing is that it can be used at multiple stages. A plastering contractor is going to use it for undercoating as well as a final coating. The downside is that this option might shrink after a point in time. So make sure that you have applied an additional mixture of it on your walls. As long as you have hired the best contractor in Sydney to do plastering activities, it will work fine. It can be installed quickly too and the cost of the process is going to be economical as well. But make sure that you don’t make the mistake of using it only once. You will have to apply it a couple of times, at the time of undercoating as well as at the time of final coating. 

2. Cement And Sand Based:

This is another type of mixture that is widely used for plastering. Most of the plastering contractors consider it a very safe option and has got more popularity in Sydney. Most of the time, this mixture is going to be used for hard backgrounds. It means that if you want to get plastering done on your partitions or brick walls, you should be using cement and sand-based mixture. While the lime-based mixture can be conducted on your own, the same is not the case with cement and sand-based mixture. It has to be done by professional plastering contractors who have got enough skill in this field. The required volume ratio needs to be executed perfectly. It is 1:0.25 for cement and lime or 1 part cement to 4 parts of sand along with plasticizer. You need to use a 1:4 cement and coarse sand mixture as the initial coating, which would remain for 7 days. After that, you will be required to apply the 2nd coating. You will have to use a sponge when the coating is wet, which helps to keep the look of the sand uniform and equal. As you can see, it is a complex process and can be conducted by an experienced plastering contractor in Sydney. 

So these are the two types of plastering services that you can apply to your walls. While the lime-based mixture can be executed on your own, you should hire the services of a plastering contractor to make sure that the job is done perfectly!