Preformed Loop Detectors

What Are Preformed Loop Detectors And How Does It Work?

Preformed Loop Detector is a lightweight, ready-to-use loop that can work with all EMX Vehicle loop detectors. It is designed to install in the roadway. As the vehicle passes over the loop, it changes the inductive field that is passed by the loop. This is a device that calculated the difference that is in the inductive field.

  1. It is constructed of stranded wire conductors with thermoplastic elastomer insulation jacketing.
  2. The outer part is flexible and non-metallic.
  3. The preformed loop is suitable for tar, concrete installation, and saw cut.

A look at cost: 

Preformed Loop detector costs vary from country to country and also vary on the manufacturers. It ranges from $19 to $400. The size of the preformed loop detectors is 50 feet which are twisted and jacketed lead-in wire.

Various features: 

  1. Rugged and flexible TPE tubing
  2. Built-in lightning protection
  3. Overall diameter of 0.26”
  4. Loop dimensions ranges from 2 X 6, 4 X 6, 4X10, 6 X 10, 8 X 12 ft.

Process to install: 

Preformed Loop detectors in Sydney is designed to get installed in saw-cut installations. Preformed Loop Detectors is expensive because of the design. In Sydney superior Preformed Loops detectors are available which are very high-quality sensors, and their reliability is also very high. The initial cost will be higher because of increased reliability, easy installation, and high performance. 

Ease of installation: 

It is understood that for both saw cut and pave-over, proper installation of Preformed Loop Detectors is required, and this ensures reliability:

  • It must have a low profile to avoid getting caught on asphalt spreading equipment and to allow thin overlap layers.
  • It must be rugged to withstand the run over by heavy construction vehicles
  • It must be made of high-temperature material so that it can withstand molten asphalt. 
  • It must be kept in mind that for proper saw-cut installation, the sensor must possess four properties.
  • It must have an adaptable loop head size because saw-cut loop perimeters are not always perfect.
  • it must be rugged to withstand sharp edges inside of the saw-cut, and truck traffic.
  • It must fit within a ¼” saw-cut to be consistent with common saw-cutting equipment and process
  • It must have an adjustable loop head size.

Preformed loop Detectors in Sydney have irregular loop wire spacing inside of the loop head channel. By controlling the material, geometry, and manufacturing process it is possible to create a loop that is very electrically specific. These preformed loop detectors provide reliable solutions in detecting the vehicle in a large variety of applications be it residential or commercial.

These loops are fully tested and properly tested for better performance and higher reliability. It can be easily installed with vehicle loop detectors like EMX and others.