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What Are The Side Effects And Risks Of IVF?

Fertility treatments are usually considered quite safe, but all medical procedures contain the possibility of negative effects. Reactions to hormonal fertility medicines administered during the preparation for egg retrieval are possible adverse effects of IVF. During the egg harvesting and embryo transfer operations, there is a minor chance of unusual problems.

Your fertility specialist will ensure that any treatment you undergo is as safe as possible. You should always consult them if you have concerns, especially if you’re experiencing severe side effects of IVF. If you have any worries you should contact the IVF centre in Mumbai.

 In vitro fertilization or IVF is a highly specialized operation in which the female reproductive system’s eggs or ova are extracted. The sperm then fertilize the eggs in a culture plate under laboratory conditions. Because conception takes place in a dish rather than within a woman’s body, the practice is called in vitro fertilization.

Bruising From Injections

During ovulation induction, daily injectable fertility medications are used to stimulate the ovaries to develop multiple eggs. Sometimes women experience pain, bruising, or tenderness at their injection sites. 


This is another side effect that many women are familiar with during their menstrual cycle. This is because the hormones being used to stimulate egg development are the same ones involved in regular menstruation, they’re just present in larger quantities during fertility treatments.

Reaction To Fertility Drugs

Nausea, hot flushes, breast soreness, sleeplessness, mood swings, and irritability are common complaints among women. 

Abdominal pain, vomiting, and bloating are some of the additional IVF drug adverse effects. 

For assistance, contact your IVF hospital in Mumbai. To minimize swelling and discomfort, pain relievers such as paracetamol can be used.

Mild Pelvic and Abdominal Pain

During or after oocyte pick-up, you may experience mild to moderate pelvic and/or abdominal pain. Some women describe the pain as being similar to cramping. Usually, this pain is mild enough to be treated with over-the-counter pain medication and resolves within a day or two of the procedure.

Multiple Births

Having a pregnancy with more than one baby is more likely with IVF. This risk is increased when more than one embryo is transferred. Being pregnant with multiples increases the risk of preterm labour, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and the need for a C-section.

IVF increases your chances of having multiple children as more than one embryo are transferred to increase chances of conception.

This may lead to premature or early labour, as well as the delivery of low-weight kids. To prevent multiple pregnancies, need for a C section. In order to eliminate this risk, it is advisable to go for elective single embryo transfer at the blastocyst stage.  

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

The overwhelming reaction to injectable hormones used in IVF cycles is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Fluid may flow into the abdomen if a woman has too many developing follicles. The symptoms of OHSS are typically moderate and include bloating nausea, and weight gain. Rest and hydration with electrolyte-rich drinks may be used to treat mild to severe instances. In rare circumstances, OHSS is severe enough to need hospitalization.

Almost everyone will tell you that coping with the negative consequences of IVF is well worth it to have a family.  

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