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What’s the Difference Between Commercial And Service Electricians?

Electricity is one of the major pillars, which enable modern life. Now, it is just impossible to maintain our society without electricity. And to ensure having a constant flow of electricity, it is important to have the best electricians. Although the term electrician covers a broad spectrum and the foundation of this job lies in the skill set, which is the basic knowledge of the electrical field, the application of extended training is the thing that draws a line between the commercial and service electricians. Even after having a similar origin, both professions are completely different. Their specializations allow them to specialize in different and equally important fields of electrical work, which vary depending on the equipment setup, load demands, and energy needs.

Here I will discuss the major differences between commercial and service electricians. But before that, it is important to learn a few things about commercial electricians and service electricians. It will help you decide on a commercial or a service electrician in Vaucluse for your needs.

Who are the commercial electricians?

The commercial electricians specialize in offering electrical maintenance, safety checks, and repair jobs with retail stores, commercial offices, and other related workplaces. These electricians are also responsible for planning, designing, and diagram electric systems that are specific to the needs of the workplaces and the conduits of tubing or pipes necessary by the local electrical codes.

The commercial electricians in Vaucluse work predominantly with different hand tools like pliers, screwdrivers, and knives along with different monitoring and power tools. They are specialized in working with a wide range of clients including office people, builders, and building owners. Sometimes, these electricians also have to perform some specialty jobs along with the commonly found electrical maintenance and repair jobs in the commercial properties starting from small to large projects like restaurants, commercial buildings, shopping malls, high rises, and government buildings.

Who are the service electricians?

The service electricians in Vaucluse are mainly responsible for working on residential properties. These experts are well aware of the requirements of residential property needs and they do everything to ensure that the home, apartment building, or condo is up to the latest building codes. These electricians install electrical systems in the residential properties during renovations and construction and while performing inspections, repairs, and upgrades. The jobs performed by the service electricians include electrical repairs, diagnosing electrical failure, testing, or fixing home security systems, installing additional light or outlet switches, bringing residential properties up to code, testing appliance safety for rental property, electrical maintenance, etc. This approach helps to minimize damage and exposure to the wires while protecting the residents from electric shocks in case of an accident.

Apart from that, these electricians also perform some specialty projects like outdoor installations for exterior foundations, lighting, pool lights, etc. Other jobs of the service electricians are to offer electrical inspections to different residential properties to ensure the properties are safe and compliant for insurance.

Key differences between commercial and service electricians:

  1. Licensing: There are some significant differences between experts, who are well-prepared to work in both commercial and residential properties and the way they need the licenses. The electricians, who work in the commercial field, have to get their licenses. Besides, they also have to go through the commercial electrician apprenticeship program for receiving certifications. This training helps the commercial electricians to perform a large scale and more sophisticated electricity projects. But the residential electricians have to be licensed by the state and local agencies. There is no need to go through any other certifications.
  2. Accessibility: This is another important factor that differentiates commercial and service electricians. For residential buildings, the homeowners never prefer the visibility or accessibility of unsightly electrical wiring. So, it is the duty of the service engineers to hide the wires behind the drywall. Besides, it is the duty of the service electrician to implement all the wiring kits perfectly for the first time round. In the case of commercial properties, the wiring should be easily accessible to simplify repairs or updates. So, wiring in the commercial properties has to be very well positioned to repair those immediately when needed. A commercial electrician has to take all these factors into consideration while installing these wires or making repairs.