embryo freezing.

Who can Benefit From the Freezing of the Embryo?

With so many advancements being made, the medical field has also witnessed advancements in helping couples to conceive and enjoy the phase of parenthood. Starting with the treatment, it is always best to visit the best IVF clinic in Mumbai to know about the issues that you are facing and find the right method to get yourself treated. 

There are several treatments that are available to treat people facing fertility issues. These include IVF, IUI, ICSI, and even embryo freezing. All these techniques are meant to help the couples and aid in becoming their parents. 

Frozen Embryo Transfer

If you visit your specialist, you will get to know that the frozen embryo transfer procedure is administered when the couples have a surplus of viable embryos after a successful round of IVF or in the All Freeze cycle. This makes it possible for you to have another kid in the future.

Saves you Motherhood for Later

If you do not wish to become a mother in the present scenario, you can easily freeze your eggs at a fertility preservation centre and save your motherhood for later. The age at which you freeze your eggs and the number of eggs that you preserve are the two most important factors in cryopreservation. When you freeze your eggs before the age of 35 and you opt for freezing 10 to 15 eggs, there are 60-80% chances of motherhood using these eggs in the later stages of life. Therefore, egg freezing provides you with the option to enjoy your motherhood when you wish to.

Suffering from Serious Issues

In case you are suffering from any serious disease like cancer or you are about to undergo critical surgery then it is good to opt for embryo freezing as you don’t know what effects the treatment will have on you. The treatments like chemotherapy can potentially affect your fertility rates. So, freezing the embryos lets you make your motherhood safe for later stages in life. 

Advanced Technologies

Nowadays, flash-freezing techniques have been developed that let you preserve your eggs in less than a minute. It is done with utmost care so that ice crystals are not formed in the eggs. The process of vitrification has a success rate of 90% and is being used extensively today. The use of modern tools and methods is done to ensure maximum patient comfort and make the journey of parenthood easy.

Doesn’t Affect the Process of a Healthy Pregnancy

Sometimes, you might be worried about how the quality of eggs will be after a certain period. The answer to this is that the process of embryo freezing does not affect its quality and offers a safe and healthy pregnancy to would-be mothers. The success rates of in-vitro fertilization have increased and the results have been positive.